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#2 Product of the DayNovember 07, 2017

In response to mounting pressure from @Snap on the charts and @Twitter’s unprecedented move of increasing the character limit, Facebook has pivoted into the enterprise. Developing story.

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Heeeeey. CEO of Intercom here. Thanks to @rrhoover and others who were kind to reference us alongside this. All I’ll say for now is, it’s insane to see how big this space has become, and how fast it’s moving. The next few years are going to be fun and interesting!
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@rrhoover @eoghanmccabe I totally agree with you! 😀
@eoghanmccabe Sounds like someone might’ve gotten acquired. 🤔
@casey_richardson Certainly not us, if that's who you're talking about.
@rrhoover @eoghanmccabe as the entry level for building online businesses drops - the chat space is growing, insane and fun no doubt. May the best products and experiences win ;)
@casey_richardson If you're talking about Chaport – we wouldn't mind if Facebook wants to acquire us as we just launched our Live Chat a couple of weeks ago on PH: 😀
holy frijoles... this is a pretty big move. Facebook is going to run out of people to copy at this rate.
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@alextomlinson Facebook is eating the world
@kevinbryantlou that’s funny because you founded a food company... let’s hope they don’t come for your lunch next. Or mine. Zuckerberg better stay the hell away from my lunch
@alextomlinson Facecoin next then they will expand offline with Facemart then McFace
Facebook is to copying as Amazon is to innovation
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@jeff_osborn copying it and making it better is how we have made this world a better place from past. That is how we got unix -> linux, blackberry -> iphone, netscape -> chrome etc. but iphone -> amazone fire? that's a step back :). So I am ok as long as we are moving forward by copying.
@patelpriyank It's a totally credible way to go about your business. I agree about copying. But the copying has to have a new twist on top of it. Facebook isn't adding any innovation to the mix. Just straight copying. There's nothing wrong with what they're doing morally, but it will harm them in the long run. Amazon will eat them in the long game. I honestly believe that (just not enough to tattoo it on my body or anything haha).
@jeff_osborn I have lot of respect for these tech companies. May be biased being a techy. But I hope none of them eat none of them and they all exists long time giving all of us a great benefits and better life. I also admire those leaders. I like this world more and more as we are moving away from MBAs running those big companies and also we are seeing more sensible founders like Jeff, Mark, Elon, square's, stripe's founders etc. I hope they all survive in parallel and help me grow as well :)
@patelpriyank I appreciate you and agree to an extent. Competition can be good for innovation and the consumer! I'm not sure if Jeff feels the same way. Looking at how he runs Amazon, it seems like he def wants to eat EVERYONE. Outsider perspective, but that's my observation.
@patelpriyank @jeff_osborn Hi Jeff - I absolutely agree with you. However I think Messenger has a lot of new things they bring to the table (besides the product design). With messenger's implementation; the users don't need to leave their phone number or email to continue the communication at a later point. That is a huge benefit to the customer and the business - that can't be replicated easily outside of Facebook's walls.
Hello hello! I'm the founder of, we've been working closely with Facebook Messenger to provide the back-end for merchants who use customer chat, for instance for Bodeaz, the company in the GIF above. Some thoughts on this product so far: - It has no significant impact on the support volume - For an e-commerce website that uses Facebook ads, most users are already logged in on Facebook, like 95% - The big upside here is that with typical live chat, if the customer leaves the site, there's a low chance they'll see your response (there's friction to leave your email address, etc.). This makes followups much easier. - A big challenge is to reconcile the Facebook user with back-office profiles, we've been working on doing that for Shopify. This way, Shopify orders pop up next to conversations for agents, which helps a lot
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@romain_lapeyre Thanks for sharing these insights, Romain! Awesome that your team was a part of the rollout 😀
@romain_lapeyre Great insights. Thanks for sharing!
Seems like a big swing at Intercom (which we use and love) and more broadly the customer service space. Brilliant move.
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@rrhoover I believe FB will play well with customer service players. They only want to own the widget - smaller b2c companies may use this. And big ones that use bots. Doubt if b2b will - which Is where intercom is mostly used
@rrhoover @srikrishnang This. As a b2b SaaS company, I wouldn't even consider switching. I wouldn't mind my customers (or potential customers) seeing my Facebook profile, but who's to say they want me seeing their profile?