Messaging for Podia

Built-in live chat for your digital storefront.

Introducing messaging for your online business. Now, you can use live chat alongside your online courses, downloads and memberships on Podia. Get to know your customers, deliver support and cross-sell your other products in real-time.
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Today we launched a brand new feature for Podia customers: messaging 💬🥳 Let me tell you a story of why this is so important. Live chat has been a GAME-CHANGER for our business at Podia. In 2017, I personally did 4,000+ chats with customers and prospects. 😮 The insights I got were unbelievable. People will tell you exactly what you should build for them, if you just take the time to talk to them. We’ve caught bugs, shipped features and launched successful marketing campaigns from things we’ve learned chatting with our customers 💡 I’ve always known that live chat would be a powerful tool for Podia creators, too. But because of the cost (our Intercom bill last month was $2K), it’s only been accessible for a select few 💸 That’s why today’s announcement is such a personally important moment for me. We’re giving the most powerful sales and support tool we’ve ever used to every single Podia creator. And best of all? It’s included in ALL of our plans at no extra charge 😇 I can’t wait to hear about all of the success our creators have from using messaging on Podia 💰 We have lots more to do and are already hard at work building for tomorrow, but I’m excited to take a moment to celebrate this launch today 🎉
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@mijustin Awesome! I hope it gets you many more sales and helps improve the relationship between you and your customers. ❤️
Podia the greatest LMS ever created
@neel_sarode Thanks so much, Neel! Means a lot. 😃
Love it! Been using Podia for 4+ years, and @spencerfry and team won't stop shipping
@losershq Thanks so much! ❤️
oooooeh, this is interesting, worth trying it out again (tried it in March and we weren't there yet)
@milann I hope you love it. 😃
I've genuinely never met a team that is more focused on customer behavior, desires, experience than Spencer and Team Podia. It's beyond fanatical. I'm sure this is going to see immediate traction. Congrats!
@tarekp Thanks so much, Tarek. Creators mean the world to me. ❤️