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Purchase numbers, send SMS and more with one line of code

Reach customers via MessageBird, the fastest, most reliable global messaging platform. Purchase phone numbers, send SMS messages or manage custom responses with a single line of code.

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Hey everyone! I'm Keith, founder and CEO of StdLib. We've been super thrilled and humbled to have the opportunity to collaborate in partnership with MessageBird to launch their StdLib API. It's our goal to make APIs as easy to build and accessible as possible with our serverless platform, and we're pumped to help make integrating messaging into your applications and workflows as straightforward as possible with MessageBird. Special shoutout to @joeynoh, who has been instrumental in moving things forward. If you have any questions, just ask! You can read more about the partnership and how to use this API in our announcement Medium article:
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@shivkanthb is one of the best! great job
At MessageBird we're aiming to fix the way companies and brands communicate with their customers, making a variety of communication channels, like SMS, available to developers and non-developers around the world. Working with @keithwhor and the StdLib team to get this off the ground has been great. We're super excited to see where the serverless space is going and that we get to partner up with StdLib to bring this to the masses!
@joeynoh Thanks so much, Joey. It’s been a pleasure. If anybody would like to know more about the partnership and how either company can help your specific goals (either with messaging or building APIs), you can reach out to either of us or our teams. :)
Thanks to everyone who's tried the MessageBird API out! Can't wait to see what you all build with it. If you're looking for some inspiration, we've also prepared a quick 7 minute tutorial that walks through the various endpoints in the API by showing how to set up a text message hub that allows a MessageBird phone number you claim to respond to incoming messages. The hub will trigger a StdLib function when it receives a text, and it's designed to be extensible, so once you've set it up, you can adapt it to have whatever functionality you need! Check it out here:
Congratulations on the launch! Any plan on rolling it out for EU numbers soon?
@carlosleisantos so - MessageBird’s stand-alone API is already amazing at dealing with European numbers (check out As a company based in Amsterdam, they are the best at delivering on European SMS (and more!). We will be expanding our combined API offering more in the future, but there’s no need to re-invent the wheel in the short term: please feel free to use MessageBird directly for their European services!
@carlosleisantos @keithwhor Hi Keith, in the MessageBird API, they are no ways to claim european numbers at this moment, if I'm correct. Is there any chance you can provide us european numbers through StdLib ? (would be a feature much, much needed on the european market). Best. André