Merged Messenger is creating advanced social portal. You can switch rapidly among social channels. Also in plans to add a notepad to gather and keep data from activated by user channels.

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Alex Kuzmin
Programming is a cool stuff
Hello Hunters, our story has begun approximately one year ago. That was a time when my friend and me were discussing few issues related to modern chat messengers. I can not say they are critical too much but still stay annoying even nowadays. Perhaps you could notice how much time you must spend for switching between accounts in social networks, chats, email services etc. Besides if your smartphone is lost and you have bought new one, setup of those chat clients returns once again. Even if we can close eyes on their energy consumption, an issue with navigation between them stays actual. So we decided to grow an initiative when one, potentially advanced mobile application could accommodate most famous chat messengers. For now we have prepared a prototype that partially resolves problems mentioned above. The work is going on and we are improving our solution day by day. More over we have couple interesting ideas that could be helpful for such sort of applications. One of them related to advanced notepad that could keep gathered information from social channels in comfortable way for a certain user. Despite faced technical questions our beliefs remain certain. However we would like to know your opinion about this initiative. Does it worth its time and efforts. Or even more: maybe someone has better ideas that can create a new vision for such solutions. Do not hesitate to share your opinion below ;)