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Nick Beattie — Sr Engineer @ Postlight
I’m one of the developers on Mercury Reader. Here is a little bit of info about our tech stack – feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Mercury Reader is a Chrome extension that runs purely client-side. We use:

React – This is our favorite javascript library for building user interfaces.
• Mercury Parser – Extracting content from chaos. The Mercury Parser module powers the Mercury Parser API and is bundled to run client-side in Mercury Reader.
Basscss – a collection of immutable utilities that helped us prototype at light speed. Warning, could change the way you write CSS.
Aphrodite – Yep, inline styles. We use Aphrodite to add conditional styles based on users’ selected font size, typography, and theme. (I’m partial to large/sans/dark).
Babel– Write futuristic javascript, run it in present-day browsers.
Webpack – Once you get the hang of webpack, you’ll forget all about your old build tool.
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Alternative tagline: "Medium-ify any article on the web" 😁
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