Mercury makes bank accounts for startups. We built a bank account with an API that gives you read and write control, letting you make payments and access your balance and transaction data programmatically.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
CEO, Mercury
We launched Mercury on ProductHunt in April and were humbled by all the interest and excitement. Our vision from even before we started Mercury was to give API access to your bank account, so we're very excited to finally be launching version 1 of the API. Would love to receive feedback from the ProductHunt community on the API and how we can improve it. Some use cases initial testers have already come up with include creating Slack notifications for incoming transactions, making automated payments to vendors, and even creating a custom iOS app. We'd love to see what other applications the community can come up with.
Kai Gradert
Designer at AngelList/Product Hunt
Making programmable money real 💪
this is how banking for startups should work
I'm a happy customer. Mercury is like if Apple built a bank. Such a beautiful and simple product. Wish I would have got in on their seed round. Mercury is going to be huge.
Application process was easy, and the support team was quick to respond to the one email I sent. The API released the week I joined, so I haven't messed with it much yet.