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#4 Product of the WeekApril 18, 2019
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Mercury is building banking for startups. Sign up in under 15 mins for a checking account, debit card, savings account earning 1-2%, full suite of payments, and cash flow analytics all wrapped up in a great UI. Run your company on a bank that’ll help you scale
  • Pros: 

    Bank account can be opened without visiting US, it takes 30 minutes. UI/UX is top notch, everything is smooth. Live chat support.


    There is no, so far it is perfect.

    There are plenty of options in terms of banking for US residents. However, Mercury supports non-residents and this makes it a unique offering. There is simply no any other offering like this. I imagine they will be just overwhelmed with thousands of SaaS startup owners from all over the world who wants to have US-based business.

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  • Abhiroop Cvk
    Abhiroop CvkCoFounder @ FlareAgent

    Really amazing UI, great customer support!


    None so far :)

    Invited for early access, been playing around with the features for a couple of weeks. Super simple onboarding process, clean UI. Why didn't this already exist before!

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immadMaker@immad · CEO, Mercury
Long time lurker of ProductHunt but am excited to finally launch Mercury and open signups after 2 years of hard work. We set out wanting to a) deliver an amazing online banking experience for startups b) help entrepreneurs understand their revenues/costs better and succeed c) deliver great financial services. We have a long way to go but are excited to unveil what we have achieved so far. Mercury will provide your startup a FDIC-insured checking account, debit card, savings account (earning 1-2%). All online, with an application that is finished on average in under 10 minutes and approved usually within a few hours. We focused pretty heavily on the UI. Hopefully you’ll appreciate little details, like our extremely flexible transaction date picker. We have a lot more to come on the product side, including better analytics to help you understand your revenue/costs and APIs to build on top of Mercury, as well as new financial services to help startups succeed. We’d love to hear any and all feedback you have. We’ll be looking at comments here all day, or you can email us directly at immad AT, max AT or jason AT
Ferenc Szalai
Ferenc Szalai@szferi · Partner, Pionlab
@immad Good to see an effort to provide better banking experience for startups. Few questions and suggestions: - Since Evolve Bank & Trust provides the banking services is it safe to assume that the Xero integration to Evolve would work in case of Mercury as well? I'm asking this because I having terrible experience with other bank in terms of integration online accounting services like Xero and it would be a big plus if Mercury can smooth this out as well. - I'm the owner of a US inc but having non-us citizen I wonder if I'm eligible to open an account. This is not clear from the current interface since I'm only capable to provide US address and US phone for my personal contact, even though the "non-resident" option can be chosen. If the non-us citizen US business owner is eligible I would recommend to give them the capability to provide non-us address and phone as well. If not It would be nice it you can make it clear at the beginning of the registration process.
Yassine el Kachchani
Yassine el Kachchani@kachchani · Co-founder & CEO at United Remote
@immad finally! This is a pain worth solving... kudos on going after such a schlep
Mooktakim Ahmed
Mooktakim Ahmed@mooktakim · CTO & Co-Founder of Homeshift
@immad Congratulations! It's so interesting that there doesn't seem to be many "challenger" banks in America, but so many out in Europe. Must be a great opportunity.
immadMaker@immad · CEO, Mercury
@szferi Good questions - We would show up as Mercury on Xero and similar services once we are integrated to their banks list. We are almost done with our Plaid integration which is probably the biggest integrator (hopefully Xero uses that) and expect to be live in 2-4 weeks. - We support non US citizens, but currently in the UI you need to have a US address for business/owners. We are working on fixing that, can you email me and we can get you set up.
immadMaker@immad · CEO, Mercury
@mooktakim The regulatory environment in the Europe has been much easier for "challenger" banks. The way someone explained it to me once was that after the financial crisis the US decided it had too many banks (>6k) and the UK decided they had too little (only 4 major ones at the time) so they both reacted in opposing directions.
zain allarakhia
zain allarakhia@zallarak · software
Impressed by the design. The logo is unique and the interface is beautiful and simple. Congrats on building what looks like a very pleasant product to use.
Jason Zhang
Jason ZhangMaker@eurasianmagpie · Co-founder, COO of Mercury
@zallarak Thanks Zain. @juliana_vislova is our designer and she is really great.
Dainis Kanopa
Dainis Kanopa@dainiskanopa · Daily Insight, CEO
I love N26, Revolut for my personal accounts. It is time for Mercury and my startup
Kevin Li
Kevin Li@liveink · Co-Founder at Farmstead
Hi Immad! Random question what how did you get FDIC insured? What was the process like?
Kilim Choi
Kilim Choi@choi_kl · Engineer and Entrepreneur
@liveink They're probably either working with Evolve bank directly or building on top of Synapsefi.
Brad Bader
Brad Bader@brad_bader
@liveink if you have a close look at the footer you’ll see they’re using a banking service and are not insured directly
immadMaker@immad · CEO, Mercury
@liveink we work with partner banks and the money never touches our accounts. At the start of the company I spent 3 months and talked to 60+ banks to find the best partner for us. It was a real schlep but thats what it takes!
stepan ilyin
stepan ilyin@stepah · Co-founder, Wallarm
I have a stupid question. Is it a Brex competitor?
immadMaker@immad · CEO, Mercury
@stepah We don't do a credit card and they don't do a bank account. So we are fairly complementary products