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Hey Product Hunt! We’re super excited to announce our official Slack integration today! It just makes sense to combine real-time monitoring and real-time chat, right? Starting today, you can connect any Mention alert to any Slack channel. Read new mentions in Slack - you can choose to receive all of them or only mentions from influencers - and receive daily recaps to take a look at the bigger picture. Now you can bring your media monitoring into the tool you already have open 24/7. :) We’d love to know what you think! Check us out also on - G2Crowd: - Siftery:
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@mvaxelaire awesome! Super excited to take this for a spin.
@jonnym1ller Thanks Jonny! Make sure to activate the daily recap too, we love it here :)
@mvaxelaire Sweet. Works extremely well. Thanks for this.
@mvaxelaire yo! not too bad, not too bad!
@orliesaurus You mean Burrito awesome !
@vincenzor @mvaxelaire Thanks, we're really excited!
Love this! Congrats @mvaxelaire and team! 🚀
@tombenattar Thanks! #AwesomeTeam ;)
Nice, this is super helpful and will definitely boost my productivity! Congrats @mvaxelaire and the Mention team :)
What's the advantage of this over Notify ( I'm on Notify right now because it's free and their free plan is reasonable.
@idris Good question! The Slack integration is included in all of our plans, so in addition to the Slack notifications, you still get the rest of the features, too. So there's also alert customization, collaboration, analytics & measurement, our influencer dashboards, etc. :)
@idris Hey Idris, lots of love from us at Notify. We are sticking to being free forever, with 50k mentions/month and unlimited keywords and we keep adding new sources to as well :)