A different to-do list, task manager and reminder app

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Guys, amazing. Is iOS in pipeline?
@altierigian Since the maker isn't with us yet, I'll post his reddit answer to the same question: "Thanks for the post. An iOS version could be added in the future but I don't have an ETA yet. After 2.0 is out the focus goes to a Web app and/or Chrome extension. I'm really close to release Memorigi 2.0 and features for current and new users are super important to me. I'll keep you posted in case I start the development of an iOS version. Regards."
@ianissoawesome @altierigian First time I see a comment asking for ios app on PH. Else people always ask for android app.
@keyul @ianissoawesome The era of "beautifully crafted = iOS" is finished. And I'm an iOS user. Quality is quality, beyond platforms. πŸ˜‰
@altierigian @keyul @ianissoawesome I think a lot of that is not just because apps on Android have become better, but rather just a perception shift from iOS users. As iOS and iPhones become more and more of a commodity, people are caring less about where there apps are launching from, and more about the substance of the app itself.
Honestly, this is the best To-Do app for Android, right next to Google Keep. Beautiful design, smooth performance and a feature-set full of cool stuff like recurring reminders, floating buttons, geolocation, categories and others that are there when you need them, but don't get in your way when you don't.
Nice app but on your marketing page you say: "Location Reminders: Forgot your wallet at home when going out for dinner?" So what's the solution here, setting a reminder every time you go out for dinner to remember your wallet?
after long time, some good product for to-do list
This seems like the exact way I use my TODO lists, except in a single place and not scattered around my calendar / my notes etc. Can't wait for the web or iOS version!