Capture and save any info nearby with your camera

A highly accurate text/information recognization camera app based on ML. Then make a call, open maps, navigate websites even search flights, and save them all as the contacts or raw text.

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This is a really cool example of how software will eventually augment our memory, capturing information around us for future recall.
@rrhoover Thank you, Ryan. 😃We are focusing on real everyday life, also even moments minute by minute. Every day I'm thinking about what is next role of the mobile device built in mass functional camera. So we did come back to the basic.
@gitmerge I've seen a handful of apps rise in this space recently but this looks more data-rich than most of the others 😸 How do you plan on differentiating from Google Lens on the longer run?
@amrith thanks for your comment! Yeah, Google Lens will be the most widely-used "visual assistant" or maybe another new ADs platform based on their very massive data infrastructure, I think. But, in fact, our question was simple actually "what is/should be a real usage of AR in our everyday life, instead of the 3D visual effect itself." That is. So it might be/we will focus on the strongest real-time data crawler via the camera, instead of active-assistant itself. Also in the near future, it could be more "socialized/crowded" for its data on Cloud. Yes, the accuracy also will be fixed/improved with each user. So our final goal is to turn the world into data for the people. yeah, actually not sure all the things about our future shape, but if I receive a bunch of vote from our PH family, I will decide to develop with next plan. :)
@gitmerge just bought the app and will give you feedback as I use it :) Would love to see it develop further. As @rrhoover mentioned below, I think there's definitely a lot of potential in this space! 🚀
@rrhoover @amrith Thank you guys all, yeah some part and UX/UI side may not be complete! This is a branched project of our mother app, but someday we will decide to invest our resources! Thank you again, your interest and support to us, small developers.
And by the way PH friends, please request promo code casually via this PH comment or email (, or twitter.
I would love a promo code to try Memo! Thanks
@andrewjb44 Andrew I've sent via your twitter message! Check it out 😉
@memo @gitmerge I'd love to give this a go! Thank you =)
@memo @ayushpokh Yeah, soon i'll send you
@memo @gitmerge I'd like to give it a try please
I also want to introduce our Auto Detection(Selection) Bot, a preprocessing-feedback concept behavior that is the assistant for selecting the right items in a context while the photos collection is scrolling.
Interested in giving it a try. Thanks.
@matogno Hey, 👌soon i'll send you!