Intuitive collaboration and task management tool for teams.

MeisterTask is a beautifully designed online task manager that offers apps for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. With customizable project boards and smart automations you work more consistently and efficiently than ever before.

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Hi, I'm Michael, CEO and Founder of MeisterTask - we hope you like our new tool. Let me know if you have any questions, happy to chat!
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@mhollauf hey Michael! Really excited to give this a go! What do you think is the key feature that separates this from Trello?
@jonrojas 10 months ago? I'm so sorry, didn't see that when it came up. I'd say the top three differentiators to Trello are: 1. Focus on task management (clear assignees, open/complete status, stats, ...) 2. Time tracking built-in 3. A much nicer design & higher usability :)
MeisterTask is one of my favorite apps. It just works so well! I haven't tried it with a team yet, but I love the interface and having such a fully-featured iPhone app. Super highly recommended for keeping track of projects.
My favorite app now.
@thewordofezra That's really great to hear. There are a couple of great things on our roadmap and I'm looking forward to your feedback!
Hi Michael, I think this is really, really cool. Good work. What's your tech stack you've built it on?
@epicplugins Thanks, glad you like it! Like our first product MindMeister it has been built on a Ruby on Rails / Node.js / MySQL backend with jQuery, Backbone and some own libraries in the front-end. Hope this helps, let me know if you need further details.
Would love to see some Hipchat integration also..
@wilforeal Check this out: - yet to be announced but feel free to give it a go :)