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"The reason people buy a product is they imagine their lives better with that product, than without it." That's the sentiment behind this episode. I include a great excerpt from @alanklement's upcoming JTBD book. It's been a long hiatus since the last episode. Sorry! Had some health things come up. Trying to take it easy. ;)
BTW - I turned a segment of today's episode into a cartoon! https://youtu.be/Fd9CqUMwEek
Great episode! Expanding on the intro quote just a bit, I would say that you shouldn't just focus on researching the customer’s needs/wants, but spend some time researching the *system* that your client is trying to progress through. It opens your eyes to new solutions and opportunities that have a lot of overlap with new customers you may not have considered to be in your lane. There are far fewer systems than there are perceived needs/wants. Know the system and you'll see the pain points. i.e. Uber didn't just look at frustrated taxi patrons (client want/need) and see a problem they could solve (replace taxis), they looked at the system the client was in and saw an opportunity to realign the idea of transportation. Keep it going, JJ!
@beingbrad Boom! Very well said! When I wrote about avoiding studying customer needs/wants and instead focus on the system, I thought people would think I was crazy. But you've shown that other people think along the same lines. Another example using uber: A car owner in NYC will complain about parking. They say, "we need more parking in this city" . That seems like a "need". But the problem isn't that there's no parking in NYC, the problem is that a crowded city like NYC isn't a good place to own a car. It's better if this person used a service like uber, or own an autonomous car can find its own parking - either nearby or far away.
@alanklement @beingbrad It's worth checking out Richard Buchanan’s Four Orders of Design
@chris_naylor Thanks! I'll check it out.
Justin at it again! Love the podcast, the backlog is part of my daily routine now! Thanks for mentioning the Coffee & Kale book, registered and looking forward to its release.
Another good episode! Justin's always insightful, interesting, and presents things in an easy to understood way.