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Scheduling meetings wastes a lot of time. Meetingbird Meet brings a new approach to the problem that makes scheduling meetings with anyone fast and simple.
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@katmanalac Thanks Kat! Hey Product Hunt! I'm Henry, a co-founder of Meetingbird. Launching Meetingbird on Product Hunt this past summer was incredible, so we're excited to be back to share Meetingbird Meet! Meet is a new, easier way to schedule meetings of any kind. We've all dealt with email chains to find a time that works, but newer scheduling tools that make you select time slots every time aren't much better. Meet makes scheduling a meeting with anyone (they don't need to have an account) as easy as sending them your personal Meet link (mine is meetingbird.com/meet/henry). Meet even supports group scheduling and preferences for blocked and preferred times. More about our vision for Meet here: http://blog.meetingbird.com/an-e... Around all day for questions -- let us know what you think! Henry
I have three words to say about this product "Brilliant and beautiful" The colours and the UI of this product are super pleasing to my eyes. Love it. @pdornier_ / @henry_dornier How does MeetingBird Meet compare in terms of features and pricing with other existing products like Calendly?
@adithya @pdornier_ Thanks for the design feedback, Adithya! Great question. Firstly, Meet is completely free for everyone, as opposed to other solutions that are more expensive. But Meet is also different from existing products in a few ways: 1. There's no need to pick time slots that work every time you need to schedule a meeting. Meet automatically displays your availability based on your calendar events. All you have to do is send your link to someone. 2. Meet doesn't just work for 1:1s. You can add as many attendees as you'd like, and if they also have Meet, their availabilities will appear right alongside everyone else's, making it easy to find a time that works. 3. Meet is built into Meetingbird, a beautiful calendar with powerful features like notes and projects. There's no need to switch between your scheduling tool and your calendar. Hope that answers your question!
@henry_dornier @pdornier_ Great to know. Thanks for the info :-)
Absolutely loving this! Seamlessly integration with Google Calendar, add notes, projects, anonymous feedback about meetings. And the Meet part is great! Still missing some features of Google Calendar (to make me completely migrate to there) but looks great!
@thejoaosantos Thanks for the feedback João! Would love to know which features of Google Calendar you'd like to see -- we're always building new features for Meetingbird.
@henry_dornier as you get used to Google Calendar, you get used to some small UX of the platform. Some of them are really small but can be a hassle for people that are used to GCalendar: 1. Change events time by just drag and drop (move in time slots, or expand/reduce duration) 2. Quick edit on week view (GCalendar only allows you to change attendance) or event name 3. Big one: Add people to an event created on GCalendar. Seems to me that you need to go back to GCalendar to invite people to a specific event. Another cool feature: Notify guests with Meeting Agenda and Add attachments (links to Google Docs files) Hope it helped!
@thejoaosantos @henry_dornier Thanks for that feedback João. #1 and #2 are in the works, but #3 you can already do in Meetingbird by clicking on an event and then choosing "Add Participants" in the right sidebar. On another note, we know some people love their Google Calendar, so we built a chrome extension that allows you to access Meetingbird notes straight from there! Check it out here: https://chrome.google.com/websto...
I'm always looking for a decent meeting planner, hopefully this one fills the bill. I love the design and color scheme.
@gabriel__lewis Awesome! Keep us posted on your experience with Meet and let us know if you have any questions or feedback.
Love the new product! Scheduling meetings is painful and the AI tools aren't ready for prime time...your product seems to be a great leap forward!