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#2 Product of the DayJuly 26, 2017
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Paul Dornier
Paul DornierMaker@pdornier_ · Co-founder, Meetingbird
Hey Product Hunt! I’m Paul, co-founder of Meetingbird. It goes without saying that a huge number of meetings are scheduled through back and forth emailing, with a ton of time wasted as a result. We’re excited to launch our extension for Google Chrome to fix that - it allows you to view your calendar and schedule meetings, right from Gmail. Meetingbird will even detect phrases like “How does tuesday afternoon sound?” and automatically show you your calendar for that day. Our beta testers have told us that it’s saving them a huge amount of time because they’re no longer switching back and forth between Gmail and their calendar to check their availability or schedule a meeting. We’re super excited to see what you all think and we’ll be around all day for questions! Paul
Randy Ksar
Randy Ksar@djksar · I find cool things
@pdornier_ so far having a great on-boarding experience. couple of things I got confused on but I've been in and out of meetings all day. congrats on the launch!
Arun Sathiya
Arun Sathiya@arunsathiya · Happiness Engineer, Automattic
@pdornier_ This looks exciting. Will we be seeing a Firefox version soon?
I installed the chrome extension yesterday and it's probably the most useful extension I now have for productivity -- up there with Rapportive.
Izzy Piyale-Sheard
Izzy Piyale-Sheard@izzydoesizzy · Founder - Unlock China
@yuris Rapportive is pretty outdated. Hasn't been updated in 3 years. Have you considered using other tools that do a better job? etc.
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams@ryanstu89 · Food & Beverage Ops, Finance & Writing
@izzydoesizzy rapportive still accomplishes all you need if for - see their LinkedIn and connect if desired. No need to update what isn't broken ;)
Kyle Wendling
Kyle Wendling@kylemediaradar · Product Owner, Mediaradar
@izzydoesizzy thanks for the intel, do these other tools also have linkedin api access?
Arjun Paliath
Arjun Paliath@torchaj · Freshchat @Freshworks
Yaay, I love it. Really nice Webapp UI and the Gmail integration is too good🙌
Steven Hambleton
Steven Hambleton@stinhambo · Founder, Emailancer
Does this mess with Rapportive or Mixmax in Gmail? I've installed Gmail add-ons before only to find them mess with my two most important Gmail productivity tools!
Henry Dornier
Henry DornierMaker@henry_dornier · Co-Founder, Meetingbird
@stinhambo hey Steven! We have many users who use it with both Rapportive and Mixmax without issue!
Max Greenwald
Max Greenwald@maxpgreenwald · Founder, IgniteSTEM
Happy to see this long awaited Meetingbird feature go live! At IgniteSTEM we've been using Meetingbird for over a year and love it - big time saver to use it in Gmail