Schedule meetings in Slack with one message

/meet from Ahoy.Ai is an autonomous meeting scheduler than finds the perfect time for everyone to meet with one Slack command.

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Thanks for hunting us, @erictwillis! The team over at Ahoy.Ai is extremely excited to announce the launch of our Slack app that allows users to schedule meetings in Slack with just one message. To use /meet from Ahoy.Ai simply integrate the app and type "/meet" to try it out. Our goal is to completely eliminate the back-and-forth nonsense when scheduling events. Unlike some competitors, we believe there shouldn't be more than one action needed in order for someone to successfully schedule meetings. If you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you at jesse@ahoy.ai Jesse

I started using Ahoy.Ai a couple weeks ago when I first saw it on Product Hunt and haven't stopped. It works really well and has made scheduling my meetings just that much easier. This is only a step up now being able to use it right in slack. Awesome work!


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Thanks Dylan! We're glad you enjoy it. :)
Congrats on the launch! I see you are integrating with many calendars including Exchange. Is that a full calendar sync you build yourself or are you using some third party tools? Having that (very complex) integration working properly is key but tricky.
@sivola Hey Paolo! Yep, we built the integration ourselves. We were using Cronofy while early in development, but it became clear that we wouldn't be able to afford using that tool at this stage of our company. Currently, the calendars only major syncing functionality is to retrieve events (so that we can find availability), create, and update events. We've done loads of testing with it, and hope you enjoy it! Feel free to reach out with any other questions or comments. Thanks!
@maxdignan Thank you! Each user needs to login into their calendar, right?
@maxdignan @sivola Actually no, each user decides which calendars and which accounts they'd like to Sync. And even after logging in to their account, a user can disable specific calendars within an account. :)
@maxdignan @sivola HOWEVER, the meeting starter is required to sync a calendar and each user's experience will be the best when they do sync their calendars. I apologize for the confusion
Was testing out the product, good job! When you say the bot finds out the best time for everyone - does that mean it has a conversation with the invited members in the meeting through slack? RIght now, my contact just received a link that set up the meeting on clicking without confirming with him. Is there any nlp using deep learning or is it a keyword match for the days and time?
@krishnanvs_ Thanks for your question Krishan! When we say we find the best time for everybody we take a variety of different criteria into account such as NLP, calendar schedule, etc amongst all parties and then return an ideal time. There are no conversations, it's just one simple step. The NLP will account for days, times, and also pairs against keywords such as "coffee" or "dinner".

Cool product!




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