The secure, virtual health insurance card

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cc'ing my health startup buddies, @thetylerhayes from Prime ( and @staringispolite from Emissary (
I was wondering how long it would take these bums to post here ;) I know David and some of the Medlio team. They're building good stuff.
@cpwt Thanks for the feature on Product Hunt! Our virtual insurance card is just the first step. Working hard on virtual check-ins now. Thanks for the great support!
Hey guys! I really want you all to succeed. I'm currently battling Blue Shield, who somehow thinks my insurance ended 13 months ago and is denying my claim for some basic immunizations I got 5 months ago. It's about as idiotic as you can get, but I think the problem may stem from a mismatch in cards and you app may actually help prevent cases like mind in the future. I have the Medlio app installed, but to be honest, as an end user, I hit a wall pretty hard after taking pics of my insurance card. I understand it's early days though, and I'm looking forward to seeing more and more of the functionality unlock.
@rrhoover Also: I could have sworn I found Medlio THROUGH ProductHunt a while back. When are we getting PH search? ;)