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I automatically thought this was called 'Stories'
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@bentossell Medium Series :)
@ktzhu haha yep! working for PH I expect one 'Stories' per day at this point, my brain didn't focus in time... whoops πŸ™ƒ
At the Upfront Summit last month, @ev mentioned they were working on a mobile-centric storytelling format. This feels similar to Hardbound by @nbashaw and Twitter Moments. Looking forward to playing with it.
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@rrhoover might first thought was that this looks a lot like Hardbound.
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@chrismessina @rrhoover bonus points for @nbashaw for making Medium Stories Alpha. <3 Hardbound btw
@chrismessina post script - I just updated my PH headline thanks to your inspiration.
@sethlouey @chrismessina @rrhoover definitely has some similarities, but I think we're building towards very different visions. If I had to compare the two, I'd say we aspire to be more like Netflix (premium content) and they are aspiring to be more like Snapchat (easy user creation). I wrote a bit more about it on twitter: https://twitter.com/nbashaw/stat... Of course, just my 2Β’!
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@nbashaw @sethlouey @chrismessina @rrhoover On Hardbound's homepage is a quote from Ev Williams himself, saying "I love Hardbound. They are pushing the boundaries of mobile-based storytelling." I really like both ideas, there are definitely differences between the two in how they can be developed. I expect some use cases will show us the true potential of Medium Series as a means of putting content out faster and in stages, rather than one long in-depth piece of content at one time.
Introducing Snapchat Stories, by Medium.
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@nivo0o0 Claps, to me, feel kind of redundant. Especially since you can clap "to?" your own series.
Thanks Snapchat, for showing other companies their potential.
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I've been on the beta of this for a little while now and have found it an interesting addition. It kind of comes off as an insta/snap "story" but on medium. Would be curious where the initial inspiration came from. In general the series have been much less formal and more fun. I believe they should be used for an always evolving/building thought piece - Kind of a like a less emotional tweet storm. Where you subscribe to a series and get notified as more words come in. But the use cases aren't forced... so I've seen a lot. I haven't seen a really standout content piece on it, yet. So I'm looking forward to watching this as it gets used... But I can definitely see people telling more Wattpad like stories on Medium in the future.
@i_am_brennan I agree with the Wattpad comp -- to me, it seems Kindle and other ebook producers, should be paying attention... Also, I don't understand the clap (over the brand standard of the thumbs up recommend). Can anyone explain why Medium chose clap of recommend? Novelty?
@daveschools_ my guess is it's more about "cheering you on". In an effort to get you to keep writing the series?