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Many people don't get Medium, but it seems pretty clear where they're heading. This podcast with @karaswisher and @ev is the best overview of the platform and where it's heading.
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@rrhoover The link plays a 21 second clip and no longer links back to the original episode http://recode.net/podcasts/ev-wi...
@rrhoover RYAN! p is asking if we're gonna be publishing on Medium publishing style?
what am i missing? what's the difference between normal medium and this?
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@andrewallsop @thejeremycarson I don't think so. Tried to create publications in both ways but neither of them let me have a custom headers. Maybe, I am missing something...
@thejeremycarson yeah it's very unclear...
@thejeremycarson At least some of the new features for publications have been enabled for all publication, not just the big named mags in the announcement.
@thejeremycarson Looks like you can have a bunch of editors and writers under the one publisher account
Great news ! Let's hope Medium doesn't end up filled with poor quality publication and remain the top quality content platform that we know :)
Are they going after Automattic?
Curious to hear @photomatt's thoughts on this.
@ourielohayon I think this is spear head of medium for it's competitors !
๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป! Is this going to be available for "small businesses" or small company blogs? Monetizing through Medium for small blogs would be amazing.