Median for Mac

Play with your business data

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We just wanted an app where it would be *easy* to do things with data. Like checking website traffic from ads in December, or comparing DAU in Q4.2016 vs Q1.2017. With Median it really is. Right now we're only lacking with our integrations and we're working day and night on improving that. Can't wait for your feedback.
OOooo this looks Nice!
I tried, It is not showing any data! for play store and ad sense! Blank chart shows thats all
Its working now! But how to remove widgets from desktop
@prabhakar_thota Right click on page and select "cancel as dashboard". Working on more straightforward way!
@_vojto YUP! Thank you. Its awesome tool.
I'm very interested in this and I signed-up for the beta. However, Vojtech, it's considered bad taste here to ask for upvotes, especially via email.
@fbara I'll try to avoid doing that in the future. :)
This looks nice! Any plan on adding direct databases integration (MySQL, Postgre, etc.) and/or CSV files? For info, your help site, specifically the 2FA tuto for itunes connect ( is detected as a Deceptive URL and is blocked in Chrome :