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Hi, I'm Hua, one of the founders of Meadow. Thanks for all the support :) We are all medical cannabis card holders and we want to take the pain out of getting medicine. Please send us any feedback so we can build a product you love. For those that don't have cannabis cards yet, here is a guide that can walk you through the process: https://getmeadow.com/education/... There is a lot of misinformation out there and I'm happy to answer any questions you have.
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@hua Awesome! I didn't know you'd started this. Way to go!
@tonystubblebine thanks! Would love feedback :)
@hua Do I need to get a medical marijuana license? I actually don't know how to do that. What's the first step?
@hua So you know Hua - the link above appears broken.
@tparish please restart the browser and you should be good to go :)
Meadow is the easiest way to get quality cannabis-based medicines delivered right to your door. We are currently partnered with the Vapor Room, one of the best collectives in San Francisco. We just launched yesterday, and I'd love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have!
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@rickharrison What logistics are required for your delivery people, and is the law clear on "someone else picking up my product and delivering it to me"? UX note: there's no way to get off your /about page
@dshan The collective that you choose to order your medicine from will be the one facilitating the delivery. Collectives that deliver the medicine upon order are allowed under California law.
SF residents also check out Eaze and everyone else, subscribe for a monthly package of cannabis-friendly goodies with Happy Crate.
Expand to San Jose, @rickharrison! With the new legislation going into effect in summer 2015, access is going to be incredibly limited to patients. Not sure it'll be overturned either. Glad to see more players in this space. Delivery services have always been around but they've generally felt very sketchy and unprofessional. Meadow and Eaze seem to legitimize the transactions in a very comfortable, discreet way.
@stttories We would definitely like to partner with a collective in San Jose. Do you have any recommendations of dispensaries that you like in that area?
@rickharrison @stttories Purple Lotus on Commercial Avenue in San Jose is top notch. Affordable, tax included & I've been a patient there for 18 months. They won't be moving/shutting down, as their location is in an industrial area. If you expand to Oakland, I recommend Purple Heart in Jack London Square and Blum off MLK.
Clean UI. I love how tech people are entering this market bc could use a technological facelift like Meadow to finally bring it up to speed. It just seems like innovation is lacking in this vertical. @hua how does Meadow compare to the other solutions in the market like Eaze?
@benhoffman_ @hua Thanks! Our team is focused on building a product that is easy for patients to order from. At the same time, we are building the tools that our partners can use to manage their business. We're different than other companies in this industry for a few reasons: 1) Our partners have a ton of experience and offer a wider selection of products than just flowers. Patients also medicate with tinctures, salves, concentrates, and edibles. 2) We allow patients to order multiple products from any mobile device. 3) We work with dispensaries instead of competing with them. If the dispensaries are successful, then we will be as well. 4) We offer a secure and easy way for patients to upload their documentation and patient information