Powerful VR sculpting & painting tool

Easily create 3D forms using volumetric shapes. Model with intuitive tools that allow you to explore variations of expression and add detail as you sculpt.

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19 Reviews5.0/5
Love Masterpiece VR! Coming from someone who is a total newbie in the VR space, it was so easy to pick up and start designing. This is a valuable tool for any designer beginner or advanced looking to hone their 3d modeling skills.
Can't wait to try MasterpieceVR, looks like a very robust VR creation tool. You can check some of the very first creations on their Sketchfab profile
Amazing tool. That's what VR is Meant to be! Save time & make life easier! Well thought out usecase!

This app is awesome and the team behind it is responsive and dedicated to changing the way art and VR can be part of a professional workflow.


I like that Masterpiece VR is a cross between Tilt-Brush and Oculus medium with multiplayer.


I am looking forward for more tools that take high poly sculpts from VR into a low-poly production pipeline for mobile games.

Is this really that strong. Need feedback from users.