Marketing Trivia Game: Inbound Speed Round

An addictive game you can actually learn marketing from.

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Hey ProductHunters, My name is Julien and I work for HubSpot’s training division, HubSpot Academy. We’re always looking for ways to make learning marketing and sales more engaging and fun, so along with the help of our designer Ty, we created this jeopardy-style quiz game Inbound Speed Round. To play, you answer as many questions as you can in 2 minutes. Questions range in both topic and difficulty. After your two minutes are up, you can add your name to the scoreboard if you’d like, and challenge your friends. We built the game on a HubSpot landing page using one module, and HubDB for the scoreboard functionality. Loading questions from a JSON file into a bootstrap template is the technical foundation of the game. You can learn more about building it here: We’d love to hear any feedback you have! Go ahead and give it a spin and let us know what you think below. Thanks, Julien