A user-friendly indoor mapping platform

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 15, 2018

🗺 Mapwize is the Indoor Mapping platform for creating new digital services inside buildings. Our SDK has been built on top of Mapbox, a very flexible platform to display outdoor maps. Today, we aim to make indoor mapping accessible to all.

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  • AdrienConsultant, OCTO Technology

    A simple way to implement indoor maps in a Mobile App


    Why should i have cons ?

    I used this product as part of a mobile application project that aimed to guide employees of a large company inside their premises.

    The integration was very simple and the administration interface allowed us to add new buildings very simply.

    In summary: it's simple, effective and well done!

    Long live Mapwize!

    Adrien has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Really user friendly to set up and great UX of the app


    Haven't found any cons yet

    Mapwize has put a lot of care in the user experience of their product. That did not only result in an amazing mobile app, but also in a very easy to user admin interface to set up your own maps. I love the accessibility features that make it super useful for people in wheelchairs too. Good job! And as a developer, Mapwize offers an SDK and all support required to integrate indoor maps in your own apps. I recommend Mapwize to users, building owners and app developers.

    Jelmer van Ast has used this product for one year.


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Mederic MorelMaker@mederic · Médéric Morel, Mapwize
Hey Product Hunt! Super excited to share Mapwize’s online platform -- we’ve been working on it for the past 6 months. We’ve designed Mapwize Studio so that creating an indoor map would no longer be a hassle. We’ve made it easy to import floor plans, draw points of interest and create directions. No more hard coding to implement SDKs. Also, mobile native SDKs are available for both iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, a Web SDK based on JavaScript also allows you to embed Mapwize in your Web applications. We would love to hear you thoughts, please let us know if there’s any way we can make it better for you!
Jerry Becker@beckerjs · All Around Good Guy
@mederic : I like the idea, here and am playing around with it now. A feedback note, I was asked for the building address when creating the project, but when I hit "Next" to bring up the map, it didn't automatically zoom to the address I entered on the previous screen - not sure if this was considered, but it certainly would be nice! I'm gonna keep playing around with it...
Gauthier VdhHunter@gvndh · Performance Marketing -
@mederic @beckerjs Hey Jerry! Thanks for your feedback. This improvement is coming real soon, really glad you appreciate our product though! 🔥
Mathieu GerardMaker@mathieugerard · CTO @ Mapwize
@mederic @beckerjs Hi Jerry. Thanks for letting us know. A fix has been deployed. Make sure you refresh your studio and it should work fine.
Jerry Becker@beckerjs · All Around Good Guy
@mederic @mathieugerard : Quick Work!!!
Lucy Patel@lucypatell · Student - UCL
Hey @mederic thank you for this! Really helpful tool here. Does it work with indoor positioning systems?
Mederic MorelMaker@mederic · Médéric Morel, Mapwize
@lucypatell Hi Lucy, thanks for your feedback! Mapwize works with any Indoor Positioning System (IPS) including but not limited to: Beacons, Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, Ultrasounds, Earth’s Magnetic field, Sensor fusion. Additionally, Mapwize provides a unique framework designed to combine multiple IPSs and select the most accurate system at anytime. Also, this framework enables advanced filters to increase position accuracy based on building topology. This framework, called Indoor Positioning is available as an Open Source project under the MIT License. Please let me know if you have any other questions!
Lucy Patel@lucypatell · Student - UCL
@mederic Awesome! thanks for the added informations!
Gauthier VdhHunter@gvndh · Performance Marketing -
Hey there! Glad to see so much people love our product. 😺 👉 As an exclusive offer for the Product Hunt Community we're offering free account with special benefits! Just follow this link : Thanks for all your feedback!
Sena Lee@sena491 · Translator, Frontend developer (Paris)
Hey guys, I met you in RISE in HK last year, I'm happy to see you here! Do you plan to come this year? I used the app during several events, and it's amazing, you did a great job. Do we have to draw the floor plans ourselves? Can we import it, in what format?
Gauthier VdhHunter@gvndh · Performance Marketing -
@sena491 Hey Sena, glad to see you here as well! :) We will definitely go back to RISE this year, it's a great event! Our CTO, @mathieugerard, will attend the show. Thanks a lot for your feedback, appreciate it. You can draw the plan by yourself and convert it to .png format so you can import it directly on our studio. If you don't feel confortable with this, we have a designer team which will be very happy to help you with this! Please, feel free to contact us! 😺 By the way, we're about to release a module to import automatically Autocad format (dwg), stay tuned! ;)
Sena Lee@sena491 · Translator, Frontend developer (Paris)
@mathieugerard @gvndh Thanks for your quick reply! In my previous startup we used to work with Autocad so that will be really useful. Maybe see you in july (RISE)!
Davis Baer@daviswbaer · Co-Founder of OneUp
This looks awesome! As a consumer, is there any way I would know that the building I just entered uses Mapwize?
Gauthier VdhHunter@gvndh · Performance Marketing -
@daviswbaer Hello Davis, for now you can see the public venues directly on Most of the time the venues are private though, because our customers implement it directly into their application. In this case, they make their own advertising of their app into their buildings, which means that you'll usually be notified when a building is "indoor mapped" ;). Thanks for your feedback! 🙏