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Excited to be on Product Hunt! I'm Jack, one of the co-founders. MapJam for Enterprise Developers is about simplicity and transparency with Pricing, Terms of Service and Implementation. At a fraction of the cost of Google, Mapbox and others, MapJam offers rich vector mapping with high quality graphics (GL), complete creative control over map palettes, animated markers, and annotations, leaflet developer API with rich open source tools, delivered at scale globally with full redundancy. (AWS, IBM Softlayer, Rackspace, Azure) MapJam is here to introduce affordability, flexibility and creative control in mapping! - First 100,000 monthly map views are FREE. Beyond, that it's only $0.15 cpm - No tiered plans. - No confusing credit schemes. - No Monthly Active User (MAU) limits - No annual commitments required - Use our maps with free, commercial, private, behind paywall, or asset tracking applications without concern MapJam offers enterprise developers a toolset to create beautiful, dynamic maps - Maps for Enterprise Developers (libraries) - Maps for Marketers and Communities (GUI) - Creative Control - Custom Search Terms - Curated Search Results - Analytics, Segmentation and Testing
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Upvote because Miami :)
Love MapJam. Not only is it easy to use, the maps a beautiful.
Hi. Planning to develop a mapping application for analytics but it will be closed for our customers only. Google wants to charge us for a plan since it's not open to the public. Is MapJam free in this scenario until we have substantial usage?
@hunterblock That's right. We don't have premium plans and you can build maps for any app you want, internal or external. Happy mapping!
Interesting. How is this different than MapBox?
@abarrica We're much more open and customizable and are finding through initial discussions that we can be 1/2 to 1/3rd the cost of MapBox and Google.