Making Sense of VC

Everything tech entrepreneurs should know about how VC works

Ever wanted to understand venture capital? This documentary series is for you. ‘Making Sense of VC’ explains: Why entrepreneurs need to understand investors; what a VC does all day; the venture capital business model; what it takes to be a VC; and much more.
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Hi everyone, I was at an event last year where an investor asked a room full of entrepreneurs 'who here understands a VC's business model?' Nobody put their hand up! This shocked me, so over the past few months I've been talking to VCs, journalists, and investment bankers to build a series that explains what VCs do, and why. It's a documentary format rather than long interviews, so hopefully you'll find it both engaging and informative. Share it with the tech entrepreneur in your life! It'll run every week for the next four weeks.
tldr ; they want you to grow at all costs and spend money so you continue raising and playing the game :D
Very interesting indeed. Great job, Martin.
I listened to the preview last night and am excited to listen to the actual podcast tonight.
Love it! I was also thinking recently how little most techies really know about the VC stuff, so good that you put this together!