Pitch your side-projects and meet your co-founders

#5 Product of the DayNovember 29, 2019
In this tinder-like app that matches inspiring projects with skillful people, help the world see more innovative ideas come to life by being part of them.
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35 Reviews4.9/5
We created Makerz to bring together people willing to create a project, and those that wish to immerse themselves and help an idea flourish. Started from an inside-company perspective, Makerz is developing in the outside world for the first time, bringing you a new way to participate in the innovative start-up world. You will find multiple profiles of people willing to participate in your project and likewise, many projects awaiting your skills to begin. Make sure to give us your feedback so we can improve the quality of the app!
@thomas_noel Hi Thomas, your website link isn't opening for me. :(
@ejsnowdon it is working for me but I have slow redirection from producthunt. Is that your case too? Can you retry please? :)
@jule_marcoueille I'm sadly getting a blank page when I click here (app links are working though)
@ejsnowdon thank you again! All is working fine now for GB natives! 😉
Guys, I love the concep of human-centric purpose behind your app, looks great!
@gautiers we love it too and hope we can bring brillant minds to match and make great projects!
I've been waiting so long for this day ! The Makerz app deserves a much brighter future than being secluded behind the closed walls of a handful of big corps. Kudos to the team !
@offyvn Thanks !!!! the world IS the best community ! :-)
Is it possible to indicate any skills on the app ? Soft skills , technical skills but also sports skills ? I want to create a project around obstacle races, is it the good place to do that ?
@david_koskas Yes ! you can complete your profile at any time with more skills, and skills of any kind , and you can add personal interest either, so our algorithm will find the projects or profile that can match with you, the more you fill your profile, the more you can have relevant matches ! And of course you can do any kind of project, and I personally think that sport is a great way to start beautiful communities
@raphael_thobie Thanks for your reply. That really could help me !
Great Team, Great Product !!! A nice app to find the best cofounders fit.
@sotibo Thank you ! And not only co-founders, Makerz can also be used to find early interested investor or mentors that can help you make your project a success and are part of your project community!