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Nick D and Kai Davis have a podcast that isn't awful.

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It's a rare glimpse into
@philip_morgan The void? The future? The process of making money online?!
@kaisdavis Oh, sorry, my keyboard battery must have cut out there. I was saying this podcast is unique because it's a rare glimpse into a sort of thin
@kaisdavis Ugh! This darn keyboard!! So what I was trying to say is that the cohosts on this podcast provide a rare glimpse into what it's like to be successful and yet to also be
@philip_morgan *rubs Make Money Online decoder ink on the screen* Ah, yes, I agree, we provide that rare glimpse into what it's like to be successful and yet to also be fabulously handsome. While we both have voices for radio (well, podcasting) we have faces for television.
This podcast from Kai and Nick is ok.
@callmecasey I appreciate your mild enthusiasm and/or grudging support!
@callmecasey @kaisdavis what about my welcome now
Co-blatherer here. Happy to answer any and all questions: future episodes, overall premise, voice & tone, etc!
Hey folks! Co-host of Make Money Online here! Happy to answer any questions you have about the podcast, life, or making money online. ;-) You can read more about our terrible, horrible, probably not awful podcast at
@kaisdavis I've heard that you can use the internet to make money online now. If that's true, how much money? And exactly how does one go about booting up the internet to make this happen?
@pjrvs @kaisdavis Excellent question. We have made a combined total of $3.46 USD online since January 12, 2012, and are hopeful that we'll make more money online in the future. If your online isn't booting right the first time, don't despair! You aren't the first person to have this problem. Just turn the Internet off and back on again. That seems to solve most issues. Thanks so much for your support, and we look forward to all the money *you'll* make online!
@pjrvs So far, since launching Make Money Online, we have made *$3.46*. We're optimistic about the future! I've found that AOL brand Internet CDs are *very* useful when it comes to booting up the Internet. When you hear that serene 'You've Got Mail' voice through your Soundblaster™ sound card, you know you're making money online!
@pjrvs @kaisdavis I would like the answer to this as well. I turned on the internet but my bank account is not yet full. What am I done wrong?