Live game show where the most popular answer wins

Welcome to MajorityRules — the live game show app where we ask you questions and you try to predict the most popular answer. Get them all right and win the cash prize!

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Hey PH! A few months ago we created HQuack – a website that predicted HQ Trivia answers in real time. The site went viral, and HQ Prizes began to hit new lows ($0.28). After some reflection and a call from Rus Yusupov, HQ’s CEO, we agreed that taking HQuack down was the right thing to do. Throughout this crazy experience, we began to realize that while live game shows were engaging and fun, trivia was alienating to so many people who don't know random facts about everything. So, my cofounder Jonny and I decided to build our own. It’s called MajorityRules, and it’s not your ordinary game show. We ask users 10 subjective questions, and their goal is to try and predict what the most popular answer will be. For example, we might ask, "Name a food that people often purchase at the movie theater". Everyone who enters the most popular answer, in this case “popcorn”, will move on to the next question. If they predict the top answer to all 10 questions correctly they win or split the prize money. Since we released MajorityRules, we’ve seen some awesome growth and engagement. We launched in closed beta ~ 2 months ago, and within a month we were lucky enough to hit the 15th spot on the Apple App Store for Trivia Apps. We are now out of beta and ready to share MajorityRules with the world. We hope you enjoy it, and will be around all day if you have any questions!
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Clever idea. Instead of guessing the right answer, you have to guess the answer everyone else might choose.
@rrhoover do they acknowledge that the answer is wrong, even if it is the most popular? I'm wary of this becoming another mechanism of spreading, or propagating "alternative facts". Sigh.
@rrhoover @mickc79 We stay away from asking factual questions, and instead ask questions that are pretty subjective — so there isn't necessarily a right or wrong answer. A good example is "Name a sport that is often played on the beach". While there isn't a factually correct answer, "volleyball" definitely makes sense
@rrhoover Thank you so much! PH was a pretty clever idea, too ;)
@rrhoover @jakemor ah ok that sounds pretty cool. There is a game show here called “family fortunes” which uses that exact model. I’m surprised now that no one has taken that format to an app. Well, no I someone has.
@rrhoover @jakemor @mickc79 I remember playing something on similar lines. It was called "Family feud", and I remember playing it on the web. Don't remember the site/platform. EDIT: A simple web search led me here: Appears to be US only!
Interesting. Seems similar to HQ without the need for such a high IQ! Can’t wait to play !!!
@cory_leor Thank you Cory!

Possibly the best game on the market right now.


Tried this game out and its great.... in my opinion more fun than HQ. Must download.


None as of yet.

A fun and novel approach to the mobile live game show. A joy to play, and a highly recommended download if you haven’t yet already.
@josephatoledano Thanks Joe!