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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 14, 2015
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Nice hunt, @hnshah. Here are a few other tools to improve your writing: Writefull, Hemingway, and Grammarly.
@hnshah @rrhoover Draft and Hermit should be on the list as well.
I'm Jimi the leader of the team that created MailMentor. I thought that it could be useful to include the TLDR on how the product came to be: My team and I were looking for a more effective way to write sales emails so we started by reading the dozens of articles out there on email optimization. To make this information more actionable we took what we learned and built a statistical model that we could run our emails through to help us optimize for reading time, reading grade level, and improve the overall structure. We've been using the product internally and now are releasing it to the community.
@hnshah , can you do this again but with 'rap lyrics' as the suggestions. "Some background info on me...." = "Allow me to reintroduce myself."
@hnshah @datarade This sounds like a fun idea!
@jsfour - Cool product. Seems like there are a lot of directions you could take this. What is the next piece you want to connect? More data? More specific recommendations? Integrate with gMail so I don't have to copy/paste? Team leaderboard of whose emails are kicking everyone else's ass?
@thomasknoll All good ideas. We are sifting through the data to figure out what the best next step will be. Ill be sure to keep you in the loop.
@hnshah @skinnyandbald Thanks Ben! The team worked hard on it.