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Mailclark was a hit at Websummit 2016. 👍 It was my favorite choice among all the bots/slack integrations I saw there. In just a few minutes you can set up an email address for a channel on your slack team. I've started using it for our helpdesk, redirecting all of our support@ emails to Mailclark. The support team just has to monitor #support channel and can reply to customers directly in Slack. It increased productivity and reactivity of our support team 😃 Give it a try!
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Hi everyone! A big thanks to Nicolas for hunting us! Thanks to Slack, internal emails are a thing of the past. But when it comes to external communications, you probably spend your day switching back & forth between Slack & your mailer. With MailClark, you can move your team inboxes—e.g. sales@, jobs@, 💁—into a space actually made for real-time collaboration: in Slack! MailClark is actually the successor to launched on PH about a year ago. Since then, we have relentlessly redesigned the experience, processed millions of emails and talked to thousands of users to make Slack + MailClark the perfect combo for internal + external communications. All this hard work got us featured in Slack App Directory's Top Apps and today MailClark is used by over 5000 teams. To set up an inbox in Slack, just follow these few easy steps 🎁 We offer 2 months totally free to the Product Hunt community (code PH2016) To discover what brought us to bridge the divide between Slack & email, read our story on Medium And if you're thinking that there's more to external communications than just emails, don't worry - we agree! MailClark will soon be handling tweets too, but—shhhhhh...—we're saving this for another campaign 😉 We'll be here all day in the comments, we'd love to have your feedback 😄 Anthony, Antoine, Gilles, Julian, Floriane, Jack & Clark P.S. Since Nicolas mentioned we were at Web Summit, look how pretty we were in Lisbon.
MailClark is one of my favorite and useful Slack integration. Well done guys :)
@chrissom_ Thank you so much, Christophe, I'm really glad you like our bot 😂
Not surprised MailClark is a hit. Awesome team, great product that solves a real painpoint, smooth integration in Slack. Congrats guys, two thumbs up !!!
@romain_serman We're really happy that you're enjoying our service so much. You kind words go straight into our hearts 👍 👍
I also discovered Mailclark at Web Summit 2016. Really cool product, congratulations guys!
@nico_lrx Many thanks for your kind words, Nicolas!