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Mailbutler is a light-weight email extension for Gmail and Apple Mail that makes up for all your email client’s missing functionalities, while seamlessly integrating to your inbox's interface. Just a few things that Mailbutler can do: Send Later, Tracking, Signatures, Templates, Notes & Tasks...and so much more!

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    Glenn LidstonePresident, SHMS Inc.

    Notes tab might be useful, as well as the task tab.


    price, the functionality I used in MB ver1 is no longer there (or at least isn't obvious).

    The best feature of MB to me was the toolbar icon that allowed you to quickly compose an email. NowI see three tabs in this icon: Activity which doesn't seem to do anything, Notes which allows you to put a note on an email (but this icon only displays the ones you have created), and Tasks (similar to notes). So, it appears the feature I used MB for is now not there at all. :(

    Glenn Lidstone has used this product for one week.
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    Con SchneiderRelax. Nothing is under control.

    Compared to version 1 SASS structure I guess



    I like Mailbutler v1.x very much.

    Mailbutler 2.x should be taken back to the repo for now.

    Scheduling a delayed email does not work. The scheduling alone takes 20 seconds and always ends with a SOAP error:

    Don't be fooled by the schedule message, it does not work.

    Also "unschedule and edit" takes another 20 seconds.

    I hate that now everything is in the cloud for Apple Mail even the settings. I get that it makes sense because of their plans, but I for example have zero interest in tracking (I don't want any communication with their servers) or cross platform usage.

    The delay sent now is an Apple OS notification and is lacking the additional info with recipients and sender. This is vital for me as I use multiple email accounts.

    I have downgraded for now and am enduring that Mailbutler 1.x fails to recongnise my purchase which is just ... 🧐

    Talking to support was fruitless.

    What a disappointment.

    My advice. Stay on version 1.x for now.

    Con Schneider has used this product for one month.
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    Joris CrozierCEO at Welkom

    clever, integrated


    buggy ?

    I'm using it since few months and I like it, I'm paying it but since upgrade to version 2, I'm paying for nothing because my datas are on old version, can you transfert it so I can enjoy email traking again ?


    Joris Crozier has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    all in one, multiple integrations



    I am using Mailbutler in my work as a sales exec every day. I is a great all-in-one package, especially for those using Mac computers. I can track my emails, prepare them quickly with templates, undo sending (a life saver not present in Mail by default!) and on top of that bcc them to my crm.

    Szymon Sekula has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    complete, clever, integrated



    As a subscriber of the service I was eager to try the new Mailbutler version. Mailbutler is probably one the few utilities I use on a regular basis the whole day, and it's a valuable companion for my project management job.

    However, I found the newer 2.0 version to be extremely unstable and buggy, so much that I had to reinstall the previous Mac plugin.

    Moreover, some of the functionalities it was once possible to disable (like displaying thumbnail pictures on the email list or getting rid of the menu icon) are currently there to stay.

    I already emailed the company, hopefully they'll come back soon.

    For now my suggestion is: use the gmail extension or remain to the old Mac plugin.

    Antonio Volpon has used this product for one day.
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    Ken EmeighArt Director, IT

    Non that I use


    Removed upload services I used

    The only reason I used mailbutler was for its ability to automatically upload large files to my NextCloud server, FTP, WebDav etc. All that is gone now.

    Ken Emeigh has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Added some new features and upgrades


    Buggy, certain features missing, documentation is based on old product.

    The main reason I use Mailbutler is for saving emails to Evernote. This features is either missing in v2.0 or undocumented.

    I reverted to v1.0 and am waiting for v2.0 to be ready for prime time.

    Mark Randolph has used this product for one day.
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    Paulina Baquero GouldMac Girl with non profit

    Love the features, IF they worked


    buggy, new version not working properly

    None of the signatures that I have made through "bowtie" , the new version are working at all. I have reached out to support and have received various responses, none of them solving the problem.

    Paulina Baquero Gould has used this product for one month.
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    Josh SanabriaDesigner and CEO at GoArchitect

    The ability to cancel an email after pressing send. The send later feature.


    The subscription.

    Mailbutler has been extremely useful for me. I use it on top of the standard Mac Mail app.

    Josh Sanabria has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Smooth, lightweight, convenient and very unintrusive



    wish I could just pay for it once.. but awesome program that has become a staple on my mail client. I've told all my friends about it.

    Kiwami Livingston has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    New Features


    Incompatible with DayLite Mail Plugin

    Installation with DayLite Installed results in mail crash and inability to access the mail preferences. Works fine in the old version.

    Avery Z Chipka has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    unsend, email opened



    changed my way of using email

    Jan Reesman has used this product for one year.