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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 24, 2018

Mailbutler is a light-weight email extension for Gmail and Apple Mail that makes up for basically all your email client’s missing functionalities, while seamlessly integrating to your inbox's native interface. Just a few things that Mailbutler can do: Send Later, Tracking, Signatures, Templates, Notes&Tasks...and so much more!

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  • Joris CrozierCEO at Welkom

    clever, integrated


    buggy ?

    I'm using it since few months and I like it, I'm paying it but since upgrade to version 2, I'm paying for nothing because my datas are on old version, can you transfert it so I can enjoy email traking again ?


    Joris Crozier has used this product for one year.
  • Con SchneiderRelax. Nothing is under control.

    Compared to version 1 SASS structure I guess



    I like Mailbutler v1.x very much.

    Mailbutler 2.x should be taken back to the repo for now.

    Scheduling a delayed email does not work. The scheduling alone takes 20 seconds and always ends with a SOAP error:

    Don't be fooled by the schedule message, it does not work.

    Also "unschedule and edit" takes another 20 seconds.

    I hate that now everything is in the cloud for Apple Mail even the settings. I get that it makes sense because of their plans, but I for example have zero interest in tracking (I don't want any communication with their servers) or cross platform usage.

    The delay sent now is an Apple OS notification and is lacking the additional info with recipients and sender. This is vital for me as I use multiple email accounts.

    I have downgraded for now and am enduring that Mailbutler 1.x fails to recongnise my purchase which is just ... 🧐

    Talking to support was fruitless.

    What a disappointment.

    My advice. Stay on version 1.x for now.

    Con Schneider has used this product for one month.


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Orcun AkcaHiring@orcun · CEO at
Hey guys! Great work! I enjoy using the freemium. However, the subscription model for an add-on doesnt really makes sense.
Fabian JägerMaker@dotguru · CTO @ Mailbutler
Hello from Berlin! 👋  Firstly, a huge thank you to Ton (@t55) for hunting us. It was 2 years ago when we first introduced Mailbutler, a lightweight plugin for Apple Mail that brings an extensive range of productivity-boosting features. We're grateful to have helped over 100k users to leverage their every day productivity on Apple Mail. At the same time we saw a problem with the growing number of Gmail plugins on the market each offering different and complex functions: they work, but they don't necessarily work together. This is exactly why we've decided to bring the simplicity of Mailbutler to a second platform. Our team worked really hard over the past few months to perfect your experience with Mailbutler, and today we're excited to share with you our biggest update so far: the new Mailbutler is now fully ready for both Apple Mail AND Gmail, with new and improved features. Please leave us any comments, suggestions, or feedback - hearing from you is how we get better. 🙏 Thank you for checking us out, we hope you enjoy your freshly charged inbox! Cheers, Fabian and the Mailbutler team
@dotguru Awesome to have the update. Mailbutler adds some essential functionality to the Mail app. I use it all the time.
Ognjen Vukovic@vforvukovic · @FourDots @Dropshippology @Funn.L
@t55 @dotguru I love it! I will try this for sure. :) Be sure to check out our tool , it will be very interesting to you.
Stephen Chip@stephenchip · Co-founder,
Mailbutler makes Apple Mail usable! It's impossible for me to imagine what life was like pre-Mailbutler. Now adding support for Gmail completes the product for me (Although I only occasionally use Gmail to send/receive emails). Send later is a great feature when you want to write a bunch of emails on Sunday night but don't want to look like a creepy stalker. You just set it to send at 7:45 on Monday morning. ;-) The ability to unsend a message, a 10 second delay after you hit 'send,' has proved invaluable for me. Sure, we've had that feature for years on Gmail but not on Apple Mail which is the client I prefer to manage my Gmail and other email accounts from. Sometimes you don't know if you have the correct email address. It's why tracking is a such a key feature. You know when your email was opened. How about that email that requires action but you can't get to it right away. Snooze it for an hour or two and then it's back on top of your email feed. Congrats on Mailbutler 2.0!
Fabian JägerMaker@dotguru · CTO @ Mailbutler
@stephenchip Thank you so much for the support! 🙏
TonHunter@t55 · Mac'aholic
Pretty cool update to the impressive Apple Mail add-on Mailbutler, that adds all sorts of handy new features to Apple's default Mail client. Now on Gmail too :) New features include: Send Later - Schedule an email to be sent on a specific date and time Tracking - Find out what happens after you hit send Signatures - Use responsive templates, or create your own beautiful email signatures Message Templates & Snippets - Drag and drop prewritten templates to save even more time Notes & Tasks - Turn your emails into notes and to-dos and share across your team Services Integration - Link Mailbutler to your favourite services: Dropbox, Evernote, Todoist, Asana, Wunderlist, etc.
Fabian JägerMaker@dotguru · CTO @ Mailbutler
@t55 Thank you so much for the hunting!
Filippo Mursia@mrdobelina · Digital PM @ Gabriela Hearst
Awesome product, I've been using the new beta since it launched and I can only recommend it. Well done!
Fabian JägerMaker@dotguru · CTO @ Mailbutler
Thanks @mrdobelina!