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Magiclingua is the first language learning app built for the tongue, not for the thumb.

🎬 Understand grammar with video tutorials from our teachers

🤖 Converse with an AI-powered voice-bot without fear or embarrassment

🙋 Book video chats and practice what you’ve learned with native tutors

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-> First of all, a special thanks to Kevin William David for hunting us!!! 💙💙💙<- Hi there Product Hunt! This is Silver from Magiclingua. We are incredibly excited to share our product with you and get your feedback! 🔥We created Magiclingua to solve a pain we had... Which one? Speaking fluently is the end goal of every language learning journey and yet, language learners today spend most of their time filling in blanks, clicking on pictures and picking multiple choice answers. When it comes to having a real-life conversation… well, most of us struggle. We sat down with linguists and teachers and figured out how to make you speak in full sentences from day one. The answer: we combine AI-powered voice-bots and humans into one seamless solution. Sounds exciting? We would be glad if you tried it out! Currently, first languages and lessons are available through our website on laptops or desktops, but we are working on the mobile apps as well! We are still early stage and super thankful for your feedback!! 🙏 If you have any questions just let us know and we’ll make sure to get back to you ASAP 😻 ------- Btw... .. we constantly need fresh testers and are giving away free tutor sessions. Let us know if you’re interested! 👋 .. also, we’re celebrating our launch today by giving everyone in the PH community, that tries out our demo courses today, 33% lifetime discount once full courses go live 😸 -------- Fun Facts 😹 🔥 Users testing our German, Spanish and French demo courses have spoken more than 100.000+ sentences with our bots and had more than 200 hours of (free) sessions with our human tutors. 🗣️ Depending on who speaks to whom, 4 different languages are used daily in our team 🥇 We launched a Google skill for learning German and Spanish on the same day Google Home was released, which somewhat was the hour of birth of the Magiclingua we have today
@silverpool fresh tester here! :-)
@aazar_ali_shad thanks Aazar. Please drop me a pm. Which language are you interested in?
Looks amazing and ambitious! Look forward to trying it out, especially on mobile. Good luck!
@daniil_kopilevych Hey! Thank you! :) If you sign up, we are happy to send you an update once the mobile versions are out!
You definitely have me in <3
@mane_gharibyan Thank you ❤️
Any plans to add support for Korean, @silverpool? cc @suzywillow
@suzywillow @rrhoover Hi Ryan, Korean indeed is a super interesting language to add, we get surprisingly lot of requests for that. Tbh: we haven't started working on it yet, but we will consider! I'll let you know if we have any news regarding that, in the meantime feel free to signup to get automatic updates about new languages and courses
Does it correct your pronunciation?
@lynne_hale We are training speech recognition models to understand different accents. But if the pronunciation is too far off, it will tell you it was not correct. It won't tell you yet *what* to change in your pronunciation but this would indeed be a cool feature for the future!