Magic Sudoku - ARkit

Solve sudoku puzzles like magic with the power of AR

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 21, 2017

Magic Sudoku - ARkit solves Sudoku puzzles using the magic of Augmented Reality! Built using Swift, ARKit, Vision, CoreML and some machine learning/neural networks

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Hey all - I'm the developer of the app. Tried to come up with an ARKit app that wasn't just a "floating 3d model" The app reads the camera data and passes it through Apple's Vision apis and into a CoreML model trained on recognizing Sudoku and then solves the puzzle and re-projects it out back into the scene. Version 1 is mostly a tech demo and a "look what my phone can do now!" app. In V2 I hope to add a lot more useful features for actual players doing actual paper Sudoku puzzles.
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@braddwyer Real cool! My use case would be to use it once I'm like: there's no way I'll be able to find the solution! Will with work with a failed sudoku attempt where some of the numbers are filled out? Rock on!
@aurorakb not yet! Definitely on the roadmap though. Need to train my neural network on more handwriting samples and then work on the UI. Coming soon :)
This is like ordering food and watching someone else eat it :D
so what's the fun about solving sudoku this way?
@yevgeniya_galich It's not, but it's fun to experience what's possible with OCR and AR.
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@yevgeniya_galich v1 is mostly a tech demo. Hoping people will want to show it off as a "look what my phone can do now!" feature. In v2 we'll be adding features that make it actually useful for people who play paper sudokus. Stay tuned :)
@yevgeniya_galich it just a demo showing a cool technology. That is it :)
Great thing guys) But you just killed Sudoku lovers passion)))
@dmovsis the computer enjoys doing them more anyways
Between IKEA Place, the measuring apps, GIPHY, and now Magic Sudoku this has been a crazy week for AR. I cannot wait to see where this technology is in 2 - 3 years.