Magic for Business

24/7 team via text, email & Slack to assist your business


A 24/7 team of assistants available via text, email and Slack to assist your business with executive assistant, sales, customer support tasks, and much more.

When Magic started in 2015, it was a phone number that you can text to get anything done and grew into the on-demand personal assistant that it is today.

Naturally many of our users are business owners and founders and we noticed a few of them started offloading business requests. After running a few pilots and working through a beta of users, we are now more formally launching Magic for Business.

We are assisting small businesses, mid-sized startups and enterprises with sales, marketing, live chat, recruiting, customer Support, research, and much more.

If you and your team need assistance in any of these areas, you should try it out.

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Magic for Business is $40 per user/month plus the rate for the time our assistants spend working on your requests. Our rate is 59 cents a minute (or $35/hr) for the majority of tasks. For time spent on expertise work (e.g. phone sales) it is $1.08 a minute (or $65/hr). We have software that automatically tracks the time they spend by the minute.

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Money can't buy time, but you can hire Magic to free up your time. Spend less time on everyday nuiances like planning trips, talking to customer service, etc. and have more time with your loved ones.


Remove the hassle of everyday life


May need some preference management at the start, but after that, it's smooth sailing

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Was billed for a ridiculous amount of hours for 2 simple tasks-neither which were completed. Spent another 12 hours trying to get my money back. This "service" cost me $120 over what they charged me in time and fees. I wish I had never heard of this company.




Inefficient, ineffective, overpriced