Magic gives you a 24/7 team of remote workers to help you get things done. For our customers during this crisis, we've built a network of local businesses, online vendors, and couriers in order to get you anything you need delivered ASAP.
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Since launching #1 on Product Hunt in 2015, Magic has made 22,000 phone calls, handled 537,000 tasks, performed 1,200,000 research hours, and coordinated over 41,000 deliveries. We started as just a phone number you can text to get things delivered, and now we're proud to be the world's most powerful on demand personal assistant. COVID-19 has affected all of us in some way. For our customers, it often means needing supplies for themselves and their families, medication picked up and delivered, help with childcare, cancelling and getting refunds for travel, and help transitioning to work from home--to name just a few of the many requests we've received. If you need supplies such as food, cleaning supplies, or face masks delivered to you, or you need these sent to a friend or family member, we can help. By necessity we've built a network of small vendors, couriers, and local businesses to figure out how to get people needed items that are out of stock or on a 1 month+ delay on Amazon and other major vendors. Magic has the unique ability to do almost anything, which means we’ve already done almost everything. Send us YOUR unique request - whatever is stressing you out most. We'll take it off your plate.