macOS Big Sur

New macOS with enhancements to Messages, Maps, & privacy

With its modern and clean look, huge improvements to key apps including Safari, Messages, and Maps, and new privacy features, we think everyone is going to love the breakthrough experience that macOS Big Sur offers.
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They could have named the new OS "Big iOS" and it would fit right in. 😄
Mac OS is definitely looking more and more like iPad OS every day and honestly I can't complain, I adore iPad OS
One great thing that new @Apple silicon's common architecture is FINALLY killing: Compulsorily consolidating those developers who charge huge amounts of money for the "desktop experience" of their apps. Well, no more. Macs just running iOS apps.. seamlessly. Yes, please. Talking to you Things @culturedcode, @omnifocus and others.
@lyondhur Really hoping those apps get merged into a single version that works across platforms, but for the time being devs are able to opt-out of their iOS/iPad apps running on Big Sur if they want to 😬
@apple @culturedcode @omnifocus @lyondhur better than all those apps forcing expensive subscription models on every single thing, even when I might use it only once in a while. E.g. I don't want to pay $10/month for every app... and not every app/category is worth $10/month... yet here we are, one after the other.
I can not wait for the day where ipad/mac os merge. I haven't used the OSs yet, however it looks like Apple are really doing what they can to make it a seamless experience. It really makes it a shoe in for me as a consumer to just further go into their ecosystem for the sole reason of "it just works".
How long do we have to wait for silicon chip to come out again? I have been holding onto this mac mini 2017 long enough and ready to replace it
@william_gunnells They're shipping dev kits right now (Mac mini with A12Z SOC) and said in the keynote that they hope to launch the first ARM Mac this year and to transition the entire lineup in 2 years.
@rekkyrek ah thanks! I also found it. People must apply to Universal App Quick Start Program. But you have to already have an app in the app store. I'm not exactly there. I was planning to launch something in the next couple of months. But here is the link:
@william_gunnells The first ones planned to be released at the end of 2020 and they are rumoured to be MBP 13" and an iMac (no display size mentioned).