ML Jobs List is a platform which allows users to:
🌎Discover machine learning jobs from all over the internet
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😌Work with cutting-egde artificial intelligence companies
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😅 Problem: A year ago, when i was searching for a machine learning job. There where too many places to look at and i got tired. So i build this tool over a weekend where i could search through all the jobs in machine learning easily. A year later, it's a fully fledged job board as my side project. ⭐️ Features: 🌎 A SEARCH ENGINE FOR MACHINE LEARNING JOBS. 🤖mljobslist fetch's jobs form stackoverflow, github jobs, landing jobs etc. Yes, the site is run by robots . 🚀Single page application, no need to click so many buttons. 💌Join the mailing list to get weekly updates to work in one of the most highest growing industry in the world. 😲 AI and machine learning have the potential to create an additional $2.6T in value by 2020 in Marketing and Sales, and up to $2T in manufacturing and supply chain planning. - Forbes
Looking good buddy!
Hey gautham congratulations on the launch I hope this will give me a job too someday😛
Nice, congrats to the launch!
@gauthamzzz is the discounted pricing temporary or permanent?
@spekulatius1984 temporary. For PH launch 🚀
Congrats on the launch 🎉🥳