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I got sick and tired of reading blogs with spammy affiliate links promoting half backed WordPress themes, plugins and self promoting services. So I thought, make it simple, keep it simple. Readers can submit themes / plugins they rate and leave feedback on them.

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Hey all, this will probably get blown out of the water, but it's my second hunt and it's mine. I'm not ashamed to state that! You've got to be in it to win it so to speak. Anyone who knows me from my minuscule corner of the web my own blog about WP, will know I'm not a big fan of the bigger WordPress blogs, with list posts and such. So I though to myself how can I showcase themes / plugins without ramming it down peoples throats and focus on independent WordPress developers? Well thanks @piotrkulpinski I came across the Chipmunk theme on Producthunt and kind of fell in love with it. So LyrWP was born. Readers can submit WordPress themes / plugins and services and explain what they are about, others can vote up and leave comments. I want a way to for people to find themes / plugins that are not the mainstream, not your multi-purpose generic one size fits all. I want a way for people to show what they have created with WordPress, be it a theme or plugin. So LyrWP was born. Now this is the part where I get ripped apart!
@wp_in Thanks for the mention! Great stuff 👌
@piotrkulpinski Thanks for creating an awesome theme!!
@reeteshv Thanks for the review, appreciate you taking the time out. I am fresh out of fucks Reetesh, I truly am. I'm not a player in the WordPress sphere, I run another website called which as funnily enough about WordPress. Those who do read the WPin blog and read my reviews know that I am quite candid in my opinions and warts and all approach has found favour with many. The 4-5 lines of text at present are actually from user submissions not elaborating enough on their submissions, this will be corrected, I've already deleted a load of submissions from users who are punting marketplace themes, some even with their affiliate links on them! Your comment: "as a layperson trying to develop a website, I will trust a Google search more - wisdom of the crowd, yada, yada." More power to you:, the problem I have had after running a blog for a lengthy period of time (8 years now) is that a large majority of theme reviews and news pieces are permeated by spammy affiliate links and offer no real value to consumers. As the site is brand new I will be getting people to elaborate on their finds more and add additional safeguards. I do thank you for taking the time out to make your thoughts known though! Kind regards Ben

To my mind, the biggest issue is that I don't know who Ben is - why should I trust his curation expertise? The site doesn't reveal anything at all about its creator, except that he is fresh out of fucks!

Second, the curation is limited to 4-5 lines of the theme description - it feels more like Ben is "selling" the theme rather than explaining why he included it in his list.

Third, he is dismissive of the many articles that address the same issue. However, as a layperson trying to develop a website, I will trust a Google search more - wisdom of the crowd, yada, yada.


The idea of curating & showcasing themes by indie developers is nice!


Seems to lack any distinctive USP vis-a-vis the other markets

Just a quick update, and I believe it's an important one. LyrWP will not have any affiliate links in any way shape or form.
Just to make perfectly clear I will not accept Themeforest or other marketplace themes / plugins on LyrWP, they will not be published.