Learn from domain experts as you network from home! Register with your background, interests, and goals, and ask your question of a Fireside host — think of it as an interactive Reddit AMA or Quora Session.
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We are excited to announce Firesides on Lunchclub! With Firesides, you can learn from domain experts in a virtual session — think of it as an interactive Reddit AMA or Quora Session. Based on your Lunchclub profile and question for the host, you may get selected to join the panel discussion, or can watch along. The next Fireside is with none other than @rrhoover this upcoming Friday! Sign up to ask Ryan your product questions here: https://lunchclub.ai/fireside-ryan
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👏🏾 Well done, team LC! I've attended three firesides so far and can attest they really provide an intimate and honest conversation with great guests. Excited for Ryan's this week!
Can’t get enough of these!!
@vnovakovski I was also wondering, since I've been on a few, it'd be amazing to get the replays of the ones attended. Are you guys posting them anywhere? Or even having transcripts would be amazing.
Awesome!! I love Lunchclub, and Firesides is an excellent addition. Great job Vlad and team.
A few things to add @vnovakovski, in the UI of Firesides: 1. A sentence about what to expect next. For example: an email will be sent to you with the link to the livestream one day before the event. 2. Add to calendar feature. Both should be super easy and fast to implement ;)
@helenaronis great feedback! On the calendar side, we do already do this, wonder why it didn't work? cc @jacob_willemsma2
@jacob_willemsma2 @vnovakovski I guess I didn't add to my calendar in the registration/confirmation page, so I went to the Lunchclub web app to find the event so I can add to calendar and the button doesn't exist there?