Makes sure you have time to eat lunch every day.

LunchBuddy makes sure you have time for lunch every single day on your calendar by automatically blocking time and flexibly adjusting it as schedule changes occur.
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Howdy folks! It's Henry from the Reclaim team. We're excited to launch LunchBuddy on ProductHunt today. LunchBuddy makes sure that you get lunch every day. With meetings flying around and people constantly snooping on your calendar, it's far too easy to forget to eat something. We've noticed that this problem has come up a lot as people have drastically increased remote work over the past few weeks. We keep hearing that it's oddly harder to keep tabs on your schedule and structure your day when you're used to working in an office. On top of that, your calendar becomes an even more important signal to others when teams move to asynchronous communication. Keeping your time defended is essential if you don't want to end up sitting at your desk at home until the wee hours. LunchBuddy is really simple: it looks for time between 11:30am and 2pm, creates events that initially show up as free to others, and then locks those events down by marking them as busy as your day fills up. With LunchBuddy, you'll also reap the full benefits of LifeWork Calendar, which automatically defends your work calendar for events from your personal calendar. Currently, LunchBuddy is only built for Google Calendar, but support for other services is coming soon. Ping us with feedback below! Now go eat some lunch 🍱
Hi there! I'm happy to answer any questions folks have about how this works, how we built it, or even what sandwiches we're making for ourselves while hunkered down at home :) In all seriousness, we decided to launch this product ahead of planned schedule because of the craziness happening in the world. If you're like me, WFH is a real challenge, especially with kids running around. Having something help defend time to take a break, grab a bite, and maybe sit down with your family is really important to helping keep your mind and body healthy. I hope you enjoy it!
I started manually blocking off time for my lunch after a few poorly scheduled days.
@rrhoover Totally. What we're solving for is the rigidity of that solution, and a little "signaling" to your colleagues that you and they should all make a little time for a healthy break 😁
Nice idea :) quickly reviewed your landing page too and left some comments here, hope its helpful to you!
@conor_clarke1 Awesome. Good feedback. Thank you so much!
Protecting lunch time is a really critical thing for me, as I often find myself with too many meetings and no time to eat.