Lunacy 4.0

Free graphic design software with built-in design resources

Lunacy 4.0 is a full-fledged graphic editor with icons, photos, masked images and illustrations integrated and ready to use.
It’s Sketch for Windows with design assets.
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Design tools and design assets live their own lives. Tools know nothing about content. Creators have to search for visuals scattered all over the web. Lunacy 4.0 solves this problem making software and content work together. In this version, the editor provides integration of the visual content: - Illustrations from the top Dribbble artists - 100,000+ icons in 22 styles - Masked photos - 24,000+ photos in a consistent, light, Kinfolk-inspired style. So, now it’s Sketch for Windows but also with diverse built-in assets. As well, it offers: - GPU rendering for speed - symbols, effects, avatars - presentation mode - ability to set the workspace color - project shadow copy: keep calm your work is safe - better experience for processing text content Also, we are updating Lunacy to help designers simplify repetitive operations (you know, tons of the same buttons, tabs and all that stuff).
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@visualpharm Masked images are great, I love that.
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I envy some of my Icons8 colleagues: I am on Mac, and can't use it. Using a bunch of other tools to create images for social media pages. And now when they can add our photos and illustrations to the design right in the tool, I envy even more :D
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@nastya_grebneva what are the free tools available for Mac for designing ?
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@karanganesan I have been using Inkscape, Snappa (this on is not free though); there are also Pixlr and Canva (has free options), but I haven't stuck to any of these two.
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@nastya_grebneva thanks for sharing 🙂

I've been using Lunacy since version 2.0 and that's awesome to see how it is growing and extending its functionality. The images of all kinds integrated right into the editor present a great boost for faster work. Look forward to new updates, congrats to the team!


The integration of design assets is a cool way to make my work much more productive. For free!


Nothing to focus on

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I love this product because I'm a Windows user and I need a free tool for graphic design, you know. Lunacy is a good solution for that.


I think it's the best alternative to Sketch app for Windows.


Lunacy has few little bugs, just fix them.

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Wow from just seeing the YouTube video I'm quite impressed. This could definitely be a Canva competitor as well as a Figma competitor.
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