A PHP micro-framework by Laravel

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Mohit Mamoria
Mohit Mamoria@mohitmamoria · Maker and Storyteller
Until now, I had been maintain two Laravel applications - first, the main application where business logic is written and second, the API endpoints which simply queues the jobs for the main application to process. I always found the API application to be slow for the simple things it was doing. Now, I've got the perfect candidate to build my API endpoint application. :)
Karl Clement
Karl ClementHunter@karlclement · CoVenture | Dignified
Personally, I am a big fan of the Slim PHP micro-framework, but from the looks of it, Lumen is even better. Looking forward to using it in my next API project
Maks Surguy
Maks Surguy@msurguy · Creator of Bootsnipp, UX Dev at NBC News
Congrats on the launch, @taylorotwell! I am wondering what is the difference between full-fledged Laravel and it's smaller sister Lumen. It would be nice to know what's the advantage and where the performance increase comes from. Thanks for another great product!
Carl@cprins_ ·
Any chance we could see the code used for those specific benchmarks?
Michal Ptacek
Michal Ptacek@michael_ptacek · founder of Officelovin
As an avid Laravel fan I can say this is amazing.