Lully Sleep Guardian

Stop night terrors, improve sleep

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Andy Rink
Andy RinkMaker@san_frandy · Co-founder & CMO, Lully
1 out of 5 people will have a night terror. Some of these people will have them often (weekly or nightly) for months or years at a time. People can't remember a night terror the morning after (unlike a nightmare), but during a night terror the person will act extremely scared and frightened while sleeping. They may walk around the house. These are extremely distressing for parents or bed partners to watch. Night terrors usually affect young children, although all ages (including adults) can have them. The Lully Sleep Guardian is the first solution to stop night terrors. Completely redone after a 150 user pilot program, the Sleep Guardian is launching today. The hardware is available on and the iOS app is available for download on the app store. The Sleep Guardian uses our proprietary algorithm (developed from years of research) to predict night terror onset. This is used in combination with precisely timed vibrations (from our under the mattress pod) to adjust sleep stages prior to a night terror happening. This keeps the child (or adult) in a safer stage of sleep, out of the troublesome and interrupted sleep that leads to night terrors. Users do not fully awake and remember nothing from the prior night. They simply sleep through the night, all night, every night. I co-founded Lully after doing research at Stanford on sleep because I have seen several family members go through this problem. There are no solutions or products currently for night terrors and families are usually just forced to wait until these go away on their own (which can take years).
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris@mattryanharris · Co-founder, ClassStatus
As someone whose had night terrors (usually after hackathons due to sleep deprivation), I'm interested in trying it. Maybe after I'm done spending all my money on college.
Andy Rink
Andy RinkMaker@san_frandy · Co-founder & CMO, Lully
@mattryanharris Sorry to hear about the night terrors, we'd love for you to give Lully a try. No better time than now...20% off today only!