Self-improvement meets gamification

Loresome is a self-improvement and motivation app that uses the power of games to help you achieve your goals. Your avatar lives in a fully-simulated fantasy world, and you can help their adventures by completing tasks in todo list or by connecting other apps.
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Hi all! Thanks for your time reading this :) Please share what is the most powerful motivation driver for you, and if you think it can be implemented in a gamified way!
I really like the RPG aesthetic to this.

Have been using for a week. I like that it does not require to spend your time on game itself. I would say that's a great idea to visualize performance.


Makes routine tasks fun. I don't like games but I like to watch how my hero advances by my real-life deeds =D


Add demos and stories how to integrate it with fitbit and other devices.

How does this differ from Habitica?
@mrapierce Thanks for the question! I get it a lot lately. Let me preface my answer with saying that I've been a power user of Habitica from its early days and thoroughly explored its API and gamification model long before starting Loresome. It remains a huge inspiration to me to this day. Now the key differences: 1. Habitica's game mechanics are somewhat shallow if you think about it, and it gets repetitive at certain point. What is there besides 4 stats, few hundred armor/weapon reskins, pets, and 3 types of quests? Loresome on the other hand operates a full-fledged fantasy world simulation under the hood with dice rolls, vast map, hundreds of monsters, and nearly endless potential for hero activities and quests. Every feature is designed to be scalable and interoperable with the rest of the game mechanics. My main intention is to use it myself, and gamification only works when it has surprises. So my goal is to build a world that will surprise me every so often :) 2. To complement the previous point, Habitica hasn't received a major feature update in >3 years. I was waiting for new features at first, but they seem to be happy with just releasing a paid background pack every month. 3. There's no easy way of integrating anything 3P with Habitica. I tried synchronizing todo lists, fitness trackers, arduino-based hardware devices, and it had been painful and didn't really work that well. Loresome is designed from the ground up to work with anything that has an API 4. Managing the avatar in Habitica takes a lot of time. Choosing the right armor, hatching the eggs, spending your daily mana, allocating skill points, drinking potions... For a productivity app it consumes tremendous amounts of user time and provides opportunities for procrastination. In Loresome the hero manages everything, the user can just follow their progress (and provide the sweet rewards!). It's an explicit goal in the design to make it exciting to come back, but boring to stay for more than few minutes. All that being said, I still think Habitica is a great product that has shown the world (and me) that B2C gamification is a viable thing. And I'm looking forward to a healthy competition :)
@anton_samoylov Awesome, thanks for the details. I definitely think these could be expanded on your landing page - it's a cool concept. Best of luck!
Very cool, looks like a competitor to Habitica . Will have to compare and evaluate the differences.