Creating habits and achieving goals, gamified.

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Hi folks! Sorry we're late to the party, here--glad to see the support from fellow Hunters! We've been hard at work to make Habitica be an effective but flexible way for people to have fun while getting things done, including a soon to be released native Android app and improved user experience throughout. Let us know what you think--we take feedback very seriously!
For those wondering the same as I am - this was formerly known as Habit RPG, they have changed their name on July 31st. The creator is @lefnire . The project is open source, Github can be found at: https://github.com/HabitRPG/habi... And the project's trello board can be fount at: https://trello.com/b/EpoYEYod/ha...
@ianissoawesome Thanks for clarifying, Ian!
Excellent overview, @ianissoawesome! Can we look forward to seeing you contribute to the Android app when we release it? ;)
@caffeinatedvee if it is a native app, I will be glad to contribute! :)
@ianissoawesome It absolutely is!
@caffeinatedvee saw you guys released an Android version, when will a github repo be available? :)
Such synchronicity! I just needed something to motivate me for my daily tasks, and I came across this app on Somewhere, although I think it's not brand new, but I really wanted to hunt it. :)
@violetanedkova Thanks for hunting! As mentioned, we were previously on Product Hunt under the name HabitRPG. So glad you like what we're doing!
Building my plan for next 3 months now, this might be just the tool to help me going along the way :)
@kristapslazda Yes! So important to plan things and have something keep you accountable. Ideally, it'd be a person, but... :D
@violetanedkova @kristapslazda It can be a person in Habitica as well! Try going on quests with other people--what you don't do might actually affect their gameplay as well....
Nice Hunt @violetanedkova ! I will give it a try
@tribaling Welcome to Habitica! Let us know at @habitica on Twitter if you have any questions :)