Waste-free shopping system with reusable packaging ♻️

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Loop is a new subscription service aiming to phase out single-use plastics. The program, first rolling out in US and France, will provide high-quality, durable packaging that can be returned and refilled. The program already features an impressive selection of consumer products: Axe and Dove deodorant, Tropicana juice, Tide detergent, and more.

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  • Recycling Hero
    Recycling HeroRecycling Hero

    Saves energy , natural resources,and landfill space


    Will take some getting use to like anything new

    Sounds like it will save packaging

    Recycling Hero has never used this product.
  • Nicholas Klank
    Nicholas KlankUser-focused problem solver.

    Such common brands offering this service.


    Can't think of anything until I use it.

    I'd be thrilled to test this out as an employee of Loop.

    Nicholas Klank has never used this product.


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How is this not trending more? Their partner-brands are massive and going out of their way to make it work it seems (chewable toothpaste 🦷by OralB ...), no useless plastic or cardboard, massive value for the brands as recurring purchase almost guaranteed.... Prediction time: Amazon will buy them or recreate if it's mildly popular. #green 🌍 👍🛒
Asher Hunt
Asher Hunt@asher_hunt · Founder, CEO. Overnight
@antoinetheman shameless plug 😉 but have you seen http://bitetoothpastebits.com ?
Steven Lam
Steven Lam@slamboogie88 · Digital Asset Manager / Content Producer
@antoinetheman Agree with you. This should be trending big time because this is a huge deal. Major brands working together to help reduce single plastic use. This kind of initiative can help change the world.
Kimiko Gensai
Kimiko Gensai@new_user_ff2bf23755 · Blogger, & Webpreneur
@antoinetheman @asher_hunt Interesting toothpaste but not in my budget. x.x
Tim Titus
Tim Titus@tim_titus · designer, front-end dev
I was just thinking that this should exist a few weeks ago. I'm glad someone is doing it! With all the deliveries we get from online shopping these days, packaging is getting ridiculously wasteful. This is a brilliant solution!
Hayden Evans
Hayden Evans@hayden_evans
This is the type of disruption our planet desperately needs right now. That being said, it's a good first step but equal thought needs to be applied towards shipping/distribution of products like this. Getting rid of single use plastic is fantastic - but shipping one off orders is still a problem. Planes emit a ton of pollution as well. If this could be done via a network of local sanitation/resupplying centers, this would be amazing.
Aaron  O'Leary
Aaron O'Leary@aaronoleary · Community @producthunt. Nontechtech
Exciting business model, especially now that companies such as Unilever, Pepsi and more are on board with this, only thing that could disrupt it, is timing, it would need to be efficient, but I'm excited to give it a try!
Alex Abdo
Alex Abdo@alexabdo1 · Curious
I love this! Great idea and move towards less waste. I could easily see this having some kind of discount for reusing the same containers (à la Starbucks and the discount for bring-your-own cup)