Share how you’re feeling using animated GIFs

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This looks EXACTLY like a product called Pop that was posted a few weeks back... https://gopop.co/
Here's the POP thread Owen's referring to: http://www.producthunt.co/posts/.... @adeolonoh - how is Loop different than POP, Relay, and similar GIF-based apps?
@rrhoover @ow Good question. POP looks great, but seems to hinge on combining a GIF with a first-party image/video. Loop posts are strictly reaction GIFs, which IMHO makes it quicker / more natural for expression. Relay is great as well, but really seems to be about private messaging, whereas Loop is designed for public sharing.
Interesting @adeolonoh - I'll have to give it a go! You're right, GIFs sound much easier than having to actually go away and create content.