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Reversing the job search model

#1 Product of the DayNovember 25, 2018

Let the companies seek you rather than you always seeking them. Get listed on the site for free, forever and let headhunters and companies find you!

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We've been thinking about this space, specifically the "reverse job search" opportunity. The challenge is many people can't publicly share that they're open to a new job if they're currently employed and there's a perception that those that do so might not be the "best" talent. Curious how you've thought about this, @colinwinhall!
@colinwinhall @rrhoover AngelList A-List, Hired, already doing this.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, it's an interesting space for sure and you are totally right about the perception, I came across this quite some times already. It's very hard to find a balance here and I certainly don't have the answer for it, but if I happen to stumble across it I will be sure to pass it on.
@rrhoover @colinwinhall Lol. That's not a great response.
@rrhoover @colinwinhall @nightbirds777 One possible way might be to offer as much information that triangulates/proxies a strong candidate while removing all overt identifying information (network endorsements, significant project achievements/contributions, etc.), and then normalize that across all candidates available on the platform so it's easy to scan, consume and quantify for employers. Enough for a potential employer to want to contact you, but waaaayyyy too much detective work for a current employer to figure out if it's actually you or not. Honestly, that might be a better way all around as to eliminate bias from race, gender, etc.. There's a reason most HR dept.'s don't want to see a picture on a resume. Additionally, contextual to this specific situation might be to outright list the answer to the question "Why do you want to leave your current job". It's the elephant in the room, but also could be a strong signal as to whether or not you're the right person to fill the new position.
@rrhoover here is the idea about reverse job search: create an anonymous resume/profile of the person and be detailed about what type of the job are they looking for. I know that publishing your resume has an effect of a long tail of recruiters pitching you not relevant jobs. Hired is nice but seems like working only for developers in CA :) A successful reverse job search would review candidates and help them to get their profile in shape (its ok to charge money for it) + get candid valuable feedback from hiring managers about denials (anonymously it would be awesome). So candidate and the company can open themselves to each other after the interview confirmation. And still, information about what could be better on the interview is a valuable piece of a successful platform which would level up the industry culture.
Hi Hunters! I made this product as part of the 24 hour startup challenge. If you like the idea, please consider upvoting it on the 24hrstartup page too, today is the final day for voting! ✌https://24hrstartup.com/products... It has been a frustration for me in the past when job seeking that I spent my entire days only searching for jobs. The process has become a lot easier over the years with great job boards and improved functionality but I always thought it was a bit the wrong way round. Why can't companies come somewhere to search for me too instead of me doing all the work? I initially wasn't going to launch it publicly but have since been convinced to do so after receiving some very positive feedback. The site was made without code using Table2Site, thanks @poehah! Maarten has been a great help throughout the process and I encourage everyone to try his service. I am open to all feedback and criticism and look forward to your comments.
Nice MVP you got there going. I'd love to see this product grow. I hope you give it enough time. The design could be improved a lot. I'd also like to see how a recruiter's dashboard looks like. If you gain supply side traction via PH and other such websites, you'd be able to sign some recruiter clients for free trials. The design for adding a profile and homepage needs to be improved very much.
@siddharth_mungekar1 Thanks for the feedback Siddharth! I totally agree with you that there is lots of room for improvement! As you stated though, this is purely as MVP as it gets just to test the waters. If many users add themselves and the database grows, I will redesign and redevelop the platform to suit! :-)
@colinwinhall L2W looks great! Back in the days I used remoteOK and alternatives. We would like to offer you to publish an interview about L2W at https://startupradius.com/ please PM me at paul@startupradius.com for more details
@startupradius @paul_shuteyev Hi Paul, cool thanks for reaching out. Will be in touch.
@colinwinhall Sure thing, will be waiting for your email!
Really happy you did this. I had a similar idea a few years ago (the ugly http://cvhunters.herokuapp.com/ :D), but never committed to launch it! My only hope is that you won't limit yourself to the startup market. I guess people who need a job most aren't developers!
@marwannas If it grows, I will expand on it and open it to new markets, but got to to start somewhere and I see none better than the tech sector :-)