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I've seen a number of startups loving Looker and walking round in their tshirts :) including at Threadflip
Looker adds a layer of analytics that I haven't seen any other tool add. Allows your marketing, hustle and research teams to build custom reports with no knowledge of SQL and without having to bother your development team.
@sal_matteis Does this do anything that RJ Metrics (http://rjmetrics.com) doesn't do? Edit: That may have come off rude. I'm actually genuinely interested. I think this product is interesting, especially after talking with some people about this exact problem like a week ago.
@andyfortson The key difference between Looker and RJMetrics is that Looker exposes a data layer for our customers. Users can redefine or create new components in the data modeling layer that reflects their business - then create dashboards and run new reports in seconds. Looker also is also built to be a platform to distribute reports and data as well. We fully integrate with Google Spreadsheets/Excel, reports and dashboards can be embedded as iFrames, and provide an SDK to get all your data into your application or a statistics tool. The main difference from a customer experience perspective is new insights can be gathered by anyone in the company immediately after coming up with a new question or business need, this increases the number of data experiments run per day and increases the organization's ability to use data competitively. You can reach out to me directly with questions at sara at looker dot com or @SaraD.